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Mandrake(Mandriva), Fedora, or SuSE

By JRod86 ·
Well, I've had Fedora Core 4 installed for sometime now, but haven't been booting into it as much as I would have liked. But, last night I did and was suddenly reminded why I haven't used it in a long time. It sucks! I can't play mp3's out of the box, much less does the soundcard work. Oh yeah, want to burn DVD's?? Not on this distro (or maybe it just doesn't work in Linux from what I've read).

Anyhoo, I'm trying to make an effort to learn Linux so I can effectively bash Windows as well, but so far have not found anything in Linux worthwhile. The only good thing I have found is that I can dual-boot easily with the Fedora Core install (what a relief that was). My question is then, which would you recommmend to me as the better of the beginner Linux versions? I am currently downloading Mandriva, and may download SuSE as well, but wanted some experienced users opinions.

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I heard that about Kylix.

by apotheon In reply to yup

Needless to say, I'm disappointed in Borland. Couple this with the fact that the new Windows environment for the same tasks, Delphi, is reportedly buggy and flaky, and there's getting to be less and less of interest from Borland. In fact, Kylix and Delphi was about all of interest that was left.

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by Jaqui In reply to yup

jbuilder didn't take off as well as they thought it would.
after all, who needs a complete, system resource sucking, ide to make java apps?

borland also killed their c++ builder, it's now an addon for delphi.

seems they are trying for bankruptcy.

builderx, the any os development tool, requires existing borland projects to get any development options for a project. it's not the cross platform ide they advertise it as.

then, they changed their installer to a java based install anywhere. unfortunately, it's so bloated that the installer seems to have locked up so you start it numerous times before you get any reaction from it.
( I have seen one person with the installer for jbuilder running 8 times simultaneously )

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okay then . . .

by apotheon In reply to yup

That doesn't sound good at all.

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My oppinion

by ip_fresh In reply to Mandrake(Mandriva), Fedor ...

My opinion is that Unix is the best solution for web servers.


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by ip_fresh In reply to My oppinion

My opinion is that Unix is the best solution for web servers.


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My SUSE experience

by cookspc In reply to Mandrake(Mandriva), Fedor ...

I use SUSE everyday as my primary desktop on 4 different computer systems. I have had occasional problems with the sound levels being set to 0 on first installations but never not installing a sound card.
I like the YaST set up tool and the YaST online update tool.
I use K3b for cd writing and DVD writing and find it much easier to use than Windows if you are doing anything other than burning plain CD-R. Windows has no support for some of the CD-RW and DVD functionality without 3rd party support which means paying for additional software or keeping up with another CD which came with your optical drive and if you switch optical drives you must install different software because the software is crippled to only work with the drive that it shipped with.
The out of the box multimedia experience is not because of a limitation of Linux (any distro) but a limitation of the licensing of those components such as mp3 or DVD playback. Some distros include products that have been licensed but of course those are not free. The best out of the box distro that I have used as far as multimedia is Technalign's TA-Fusion products. I have this installed in an Athlon 64 system and installation is smooth. They combine an open source Simply Mepis distribution with proprietary products and sell for $29 and up depending on the amount of stuff included. To do the samething in SUSE or Fedora you must install other components and agree that they are not illegal in your area.. which in the US they probably are.
However, I have been using SUSE for about 2 years as my primary desktop operating system and I am very happy and will never go back to Windows.
But the goal here isn't to bash Windows or Microsoft.. rather to let you know there is an alternative. It may require some different ways of looking at your system and different ways of obtaining some functionality. There will always be people who prefer one over the other. The world is big enough for all of us.

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licensing -- my understanding

by apotheon In reply to My SUSE experience

As far as I'm aware, things like decss (the decryption library for DVDs) have been ruled legal in the US for noncommercial use. This means you can use it for your own personal use to watch DVDs.

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good to know

by cookspc In reply to licensing -- my understan ...

I would like to get some more details on this ruling and who made it. It should be available in any distribution if this is so, but some of them may not know about it. It definitely will help the adoption of Linux in the consumer space if we can get past this stumbling block.
Thanks for your reply

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providing isn't the same as using

by apotheon In reply to good to know

"It should be available in any distribution if this is so"
Not necessarily. For one example, there's SuSE, which is distributed by a commercial organization. It could be argued that even the free versions of SuSE serve as advertising for paid versions, and are thus being distributed for commercial purposes. In general, any time an organization starts distributing something like that, legal ramifications might rear their ugly heads: thus, it's only individuals who can safely make such things available, and who can decide to include it in a distribution.

Of course, if you really want to have a distro with easy access to the DVD decryption library, use Debian and add the marillat repository to your sources.list file. A Google search for marillat should find it pretty quickly. I show a page with information about that repository as the first Google hit on a search for marillat.

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the only

by Jaqui In reply to licensing -- my understan ...

restriction, was the regional encoding.

they didn't like the regional encoding not being respected at all.

this allows for accessing dvd content that is illegal in your area.
( porn mostly )
but some movies, as shown in europe, are edited quite differently from what is shown here in north america.

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