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Mandrake(Mandriva), Fedora, or SuSE

By JRod86 ·
Well, I've had Fedora Core 4 installed for sometime now, but haven't been booting into it as much as I would have liked. But, last night I did and was suddenly reminded why I haven't used it in a long time. It sucks! I can't play mp3's out of the box, much less does the soundcard work. Oh yeah, want to burn DVD's?? Not on this distro (or maybe it just doesn't work in Linux from what I've read).

Anyhoo, I'm trying to make an effort to learn Linux so I can effectively bash Windows as well, but so far have not found anything in Linux worthwhile. The only good thing I have found is that I can dual-boot easily with the Fedora Core install (what a relief that was). My question is then, which would you recommmend to me as the better of the beginner Linux versions? I am currently downloading Mandriva, and may download SuSE as well, but wanted some experienced users opinions.

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Fedora does have dvd support built in

by the_dogs_rag In reply to Mandrake(Mandriva), Fedor ...

Nautilus does have dvd support. Copying dvd movies on the other hand it doesn't have support for which i'm sure is what you mean. If you want it for a desktop purpose and don't want to do that much fiddling try ubuntu. Alternately you could just add livna (google livna if you don't know what it is) to your yum list of repositories in fedora and to get mp3 support get xmms (ie command: yum install xmms) and then google for the xmms mp3 plugin rpm for fc4. To get dvd playback then type yum install

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by John-P In reply to Mandrake(Mandriva), Fedor ...

I am completly new to *nix of any kind, but recently I installed PC Linux OS(a derivative of Mandriva I think) as a dual boot with WinXP.

To someone who has used Windows, PCLOS seems to be very user friendly, and the install is extremely simple.

The only problem I have with it is that I still cannot seem to setup a printer.

Other then that; excellent!


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Ubuntu Linux Distro

by dhoppes In reply to Mandrake(Mandriva), Fedor ...

Try using Ubuntu; installs easily; Debian; auto updates; recognizes sound cards, video cards, etc. Excellent distro.

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Failed to recognize hardware

by nvargas In reply to Ubuntu Linux Distro

I tried Ubuntu recently, and it failed to work with my i815 video card. I know that these are buggy and a pain in the *ss, but Mandriva worked right away. SuSE also failed.

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by apotheon In reply to Failed to recognize hardw ...

The Intel i815 chipset was one of the most broken pieces of crap Intel has ever produced. I'm not surprised you had hardware support issues with it, and it's probably more blind luck than anything else that it worked on Mandrake instead of some other distro you tried.

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by Jaqui In reply to interesting

I installed mandrake 8.0 on my wife's system to fix a problem with ntloader for her xp pro system, it recognised and powered the i815 chipset with no problem, yet their errata said they did have issues with it at that time.

her system, with ms bootloader in the mbr, would lose the hard drive from the bios, as soon as lilo was in the mbr it worked perfectly.

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Linux is good!

by joseph-batson In reply to Mandrake(Mandriva), Fedor ...

There are many distros that fit individuals needs. That is the great thing about linux. I have tried several distros of linux, however the easiest to install, administer and alot of apps that i can use is Mandrake. I've been using Mandrake for about 5 years and have nothing but good things to say about it. It is used on my server and an old laptop with no problems. I did try SUSE 10 on the laptop and had issues. Knoppix is another good distro that is easy to use, however some of the hardware compatibility is not up to par w/ Mandrake. I have successfully installed and used Mandrake on a 100 mhz machine and many others. Mandrake is the option I would choose.

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