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Marketing at its best

By Oz_Media ·
A chat on the radio this morning mentioned that the most requested X-Mas gifts for 2010 were Apple gadgets, iPod, iTouch, iPhone, iPad.

They added that most requests were from children under 12 and INCLUDED 5 year olds.

Does this not prove that Apple sells it's devices based on marketing prowess? How does a 5 year old, or most kids under 12, determine feature and functionality benefits of an electronic device?

A 5-year old only wants one because "all the other kids have one".

So while Apple's sales are strong, and they boast it's because they have the preferred or superior product lines, the fact that 5-12 year old children show the most desire for their products (as X-Mas gifts), only goes to prove that they are not selling on capability, productivity, quality, value for money etc. MOST kids, especially tots, don't even understand such concepts as value for money.

It is just a trend to own a little white gadget like all the other kids. I wonder if Steve Jobs/Apple will try to patent the color white soon?

Here's similar info, breaking it down my age:

"The gift list results were found in the Duracell Toy Report, which polled over 2000 kids regarding their Christmas lists, this was covered and published by the Telegraph"

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