Mass mailing: What happens if we send mass mails from company domain ?

By kiran.maan ·
What happens if we send mails in massive numbers from company domain, with an attachment ?
Is there possibilities that domain get black listed ?
How can we register domain as authenticate to avoid such instance ?

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Mail Merges

by flausher In reply to Mass mailing: What happen ...

My company sends out mass mails to it's clients with information on things like bank-holidays and crucial updates that will affect them. But then, that's not quite the same as spamming...

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Reponse To Answer

by kiran.maan In reply to Mail Merges

Great... I have mass mailing to authenticate user database and with similar information to pass as per Go green initiative by Government.

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re mass mailings

by Wolfsheadairborn In reply to Mass mailing: What happen ...

If you are using the internet to do a mass mailing to potential clients, and these are people you have not had any contact with but are wanting as clients, then this is spam. The target clients have not opted in to your contact system. You need to qualify each receipient or you will fall foul of the USA anti spam rules. Most mass mailing companies will use a US based server. This means your mail has to comply with US law. At the moment the safest way of mass mailing is to make sure you have confirmation from the potential client (pref something physical) that they want you to contact them in this way. If there are enough complaints then you will be blacklisted as a spammer. This would be a potential nightmare to any company that uses the internet as a channel to market. (Not to mention if your mail has passed through a US server, the fines can be very high!)

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More than likely.

by LanceEG In reply to Mass mailing: What happen ...

I used to work for a government agency that sent out mass emails to companies that registered with us. What we did was call the major ISPs to ensure that they whitelisted us and things worked out just fine. One year prior, we got blacklisted and had to contact every blacklist that had us on it to get off.

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I would add you to ...

by uksp In reply to Mass mailing: What happen ...

... my SPAM list ... so you'd only do it to me once.

If you circumvented that I'd report it to my ISP, they'd add you to theirs, problem solved.

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