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Massacre in Omaha

By Tig2 ·

By now, you have heard about the tragic shooting in an Omaha shopping mall. The gunman killed 8 and then took his own life in an act so senseless that I have difficulty even thinking about it.

By now, we know much more about the perpetrator. And in some respects, it seems to me that we have stopped talking about the issues that pushed this person to commit these acts or the act itself and are immersing ourselves in the "dirty laundry" aspects. More sensationalism of something that should NEVER be sensationalised.

What in the world are we doing to ourselves from a societal viewpoint by continuing to go for the sensational and not call out a few points? I want someone to stand up and say, "It's not nice to murder people!" "This is wrong and we aren't going to tolerate it". Anything! But what we get are the endless reports that have now provided me with enough information to write the kid's biography. Evidently, no one gave him enough information to know that this would not be a good thing.

I am Christian enough that my first reaction is to pray- not only for the victims, but the perpetrator. Whether you agree with that or not is really none of my business. But I am human enough to ask myself WHY massacre murder is becoming a trend?

In the kid's sick mind, this was his best path to fame. Why to we foster that kind of thinking by sensationalising tragedy?

I don't get it.

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The Media isn't a monopoly or oligopoly

by JamesRL In reply to You promise?

Yes the mainstream tends to be concentrated.

But the barriers to entry in things like radio and print and now internet journalism are not that high. Look at Drudge for example.

And no matter how concentrated, media are paid by the number of people who view their stuff. If they get fewer viewers/circulation, they can't charge as much for commercials/ad space. Its a very clear market force.

Blame the people putting out the dreck if you want, but if no one watched it, the execs would kill it, since it would cost them money.


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Aren't they?

by Absolutely In reply to The Media isn't a monopol ...

How many local newspapers or television
stations are there in your market? 'Economy
of scale' regulations in and of themselves
tend to discourage new competitors, and
thereby to lessen the degree of
competition, wherever such regulations are
in effect. I'm not saying there is no
competition, and the ease of publishing on
the Internet certainly helps, but that
alone does not constitute the theoretical
ideal of completely open Macroeconomics
101-style competition.

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In the greater Toronto area....

by JamesRL In reply to Aren't they?

TV stations; 3 Major network stations, 3 independants.
Radio - more than I can count
Newspapers - 3 majors

In Canada we have anti-concentration laws, but everyone complains then that the laws are too restrictive.


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The measure of a monopoly/oligopoly is its effects, not ...

by deepsand In reply to The Media isn't a monopol ...

its causes.

That such market concentration owes, in this case, to a sufficient demand for an inferior product does not serve for its escaping notice of its deleterious effects.

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"Journalism" is not the "medium."

by deepsand In reply to The free market

The medium here is television, and, more recently, the Internet.

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I read

by cmiller5400 In reply to Massacre in Omaha

I am sick and tired of the media sensationalizing it as well. I hear about it and that is enough. No need to linger on it.

I like to read They focus on the good news out there.

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