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By garydevos ·
My AV program tells me I have an old version of anti-virus software. Whenever I try to update it, I am told it is up-to-date and the website itself keeps coming up as "cannot find server" regardless to amy link to it. I am running XP Pro on an AMD Athlon 1.2 gig processor. Am I the only one out there with this problem or is McAfee a sell only no support software? I believe that I threw my money to the wind and am going to switch to Norton. Any thoughts out there on this?

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by pierrejamme In reply to

Another excellent program is SpySweeper from, it allows for one update and then you need to purchase to get anymore updates. It will find a lot that the two free one didn't.

I also use PestPatrol which also costs money. It is located at: and they have a free pest scan if you can stay on the Internet long enough.

Steve Gibson also has several really good security tools as well as his famous "Shields UP" tester at:

When you are all clean, get the free ZoneAlarm 4.54 at:

This is a slighly older version, but the is a problem with version 5.0.
Or even better buy the Pro version.
Download at:
Turn on System Restore Back on
Clear the Turn off System Restore check box (or the Turn off System Restore on all drives check box), and then click OK.
Reduce the size of the System Restore to 3% or less. You don't need the 12% default.

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by garydevos In reply to
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by Salamander In reply to McAfee Security Centre

Had the same problem on an XP machine just last week...I had to uninstall McAfee in its entirety from the control panel, including the Security Center, AntiVirus, and the Firewall. I deleted all cookies and temporary internet files, per some direction on McAffee's website. I then reinstalled from scratch using the same disk and was able to download the updates.

I had previously tried to repair it from the CD, but it kept failing. I found no viruses on the machine.

I've run into the same type of problem with Norton before. I think that Norton's easier to configure, but I've had some negative experiences with both. Your call.

Hope this helps.

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by garydevos In reply to
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by garydevos In reply to McAfee Security Centre

I have since then removed McAfee in its entirity and have switched to Norton. Haven't had any problems since then! Thanks to all for the many excellent and helpful suggestions.

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by Pr0x1 In reply to McAfee Security Centre

Whiel answer 2 seems to be the right thing, out of all the other answers, there is one thing you could have tried that might have solved the issue before doing anything... DELETE THE COOKIE! and try again.

I had this problem, and it kept reoccuring, even after I reinstalled. However, knowing that MCAfee's support is web based, and I'll admit it sucks, when I deleted the cookie, and had to re-sign-in, the problem went away as McAfee had to recompile my configuration and send it to McAfee, to which it sent back the right information instead of the error you are getting.

Now, I've had both Norton and McAfee security centers installed, and evaluated them both. While Norton has much better support, I do beleive McAfee is a better product, BUT their support really isn't good, and their live technical support in India is HORRENDOUS! I havce saved all of my interactions with them, and one even said they will gie me a refund because their resolution was to go back to an older version since they took out basic functionality in a newer one.

I hope at least the cookie answer above prevents you from crumbling. (pun intended).

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by garydevos In reply to McAfee Security Centre

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