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MCSA 2003 Worth It?

By mtech05 ·
Ok, I have been working in IT going on 6 years, specifically Desktop Support, and am wanting to move beyond that and get more into server/infrastructure support. I have been looking at the MCSA 2003 heavly for some time now, but can not decide if obtaining it is going to be worth the effort and money. I currently have an AAS degree (Cisco networking focus, but no CCNA cert), A+ cert, and Net+ cert. I am currently trying to study for the Security+ which I could then use as an elective for the MCSA if I want. Would it be worth pursuing the MCSA 2003 given my current creditentials?

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A+ and Net+...

by brianeaglesfan In reply to MCSA 2003 Worth It?

will fulfill the elective requirement:

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by mtech05 In reply to A+ and Net+...

Thanks for the link. I knew you could use the A+ and Net+ as an elective, but does it matter what version of the A+ and Net+ you can use as the elective? I was certified for both A+ and Net+ back in 2002. Does Microsoft require the most recent version of the certification?

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Don't think so...

by brianeaglesfan In reply to

I've researched this quite a bit and have never read anything about the newest available versions being required.

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yes go for it

by dw_ay In reply to Don't think so...

mcsa first then focus on server, next also try to get mcse, if want to enter infrastructure then go for ccna too. not enough money, don't stop I and my friends have bought many IT certification guides and exam dumps, just mail to me I'll share what I have.

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I think its worth it....

by lsmith1989 In reply to MCSA 2003 Worth It?

I think you should go for it. Get your MCSE, CCNP (Yes, CCNA & CCNP), and go back for a 4 year degree, while earning experience. I would say that the Degree is the hardest part to tackle if starting from square 1.

Schedule your CCNA 3 weeks from now and pay for it, then review and got take it. The fact that you've got $100 pending on the test will motivate you and force you to make time to study for it. It works for me with a high maintenance wife and 2 small kids.

If you've havent thought about it yet, I highly recommend pursuing the networking side of things at least to the intermediate level. You will be amazed at how the internet is glued together and how things work on the ISP side.

Remember, balance between certs, education, and exp is probably the best route a person can take in IT. Become a triple threat.

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MCSE? hmm.. thats baby steps

by pdtpatrick In reply to I think its worth it....

While i agree that microsoft is dominating the PC world, I would also have to include that there are so many people out there with MCSE and MCP that is it like the A+ back then.

Now you have recruiters requesting that you have you MCSE/MCSA just to be desktop support. It says Microsoft Certified Engineer and yet they want you as a support, not even level II or III, level I. Get real!

I dont know how old you are and what you're goals are but being in the IT field for six years, i would recommend taking a highly skilled path, maybe security, networking, servers, building custom applications, linux.
These are field you generally dont find a lot of people in and like the commercial (us army), the few, the proud, the marine, but in our case, the IT specialist.

As for as getting more certs, I would recommend getting the Security+, I believe security is the best part of networking. Understanding how things work, finding out motives, why hackers do what they do, how they do it, how to stop and imagine a whole company relying on your expertise to essential protect their network, now that is what i call having a job.

So my friend, while studying that security+, think of it as your next career rather than trying to cram and pass the test.

I have passed a few microsoft test but I still dont understand why the need for so many unnecessary things, I mean the test is VERY WORDY, even if you knew the answer, by the time you finish reading the question, you will need a red bull just to stay awake. Its unheard off!

Well then, I hope this helps and goodluck. -->

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You're already 25% there!

by info In reply to MCSA 2003 Worth It?

You can use your A+ and Network+ qualifications together as an elective towards your MCSA. Security+ is definately a good course to do anyway (especially as so many organisations are increasingly security biassed these days). If you're thinking of starting down the MCSA track now, you might want to consider doing the Server 2008/Vista certifications instead (the Vista client exams are already available). Even if you finish your MCSE (Server 2003), you can upgrade to Server 2008 status at a later date.

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by chpstaker In reply to MCSA 2003 Worth It?

i have a similar resume as you. AAS degree in IT/networking. A+, Net+ and MCP certs. I have passed the 270,290, and 291 exams; working towards mcsa, then mcse.
the fact is, microsoft will continue to be the leader in NOS's. You can never go wrong having microsoft certs. i recommend Transenders as study guides. they have worked for me so far.
no matter what cert you have, just remember that you will have them for life!

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MCSE 4 Life but not MCTS or MCITP

by info In reply to Absolutly!!

Not quite true... The old MCSA and MCSE certifications are indeed valid for life (well... until nobody considers them important anymore)... The new MCITP and MCTS cerifications are only valid for three years (bit like the Cisco CCNA/CCNP/CCIE).

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by sigipitalagato In reply to MCSA 2003 Worth It?

absolutely! if you're uncertified and applying for a job and beside you is another guy who's certified? who do you think have a slight edge? education always wins! management always wants to see people who's willing to upgrade themselves even if certification is not listed or required when you're applying for a job.

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