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By jmm95 ·
I'm currently a student studying Computer Information Technology. Along with my education, I plan to get industry certifications, starting with A+ and Network+. My next step would be going with an MS cert and am wondering if I should go for MCSA or MCSE? I've been looking at job postings and the majority of them are requiring MCSE. Would they consider MCSA or would they just file-13 the resume if it doesn't have MCSE. Or should I go for MCSA for starters and then get the MCSE? Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions!

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Why not both

by Montypdj In reply to MCSA or MCSE?

MCSA can be done with 4 exams. Using Professional, Server, Net Inf & Managing a Net inf (70-21. Managing a Net inf (70-21 is also an elective for MCSE. Use it as prep for the 70-216.

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by ghstinshll In reply to MCSA or MCSE?

you answered it at the end... get the MCSA, then complete the MCSE as you go in the future. Most intelligent hiring managers know what's going on, but you are right in there's a risk of losing your resume in the stack if it doesn't have MCSE on it....

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yes, but MCDBA too

by PhiltheGreat In reply to Yes

High competition out there.
MCSE is too common, so it is recommended to have MCDBA (on database which is used in many companies).

One expert has shared that it helps him to get a job; if not, his resume is just taken by his superior.

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MCDBA or Oracle DBA

by sear96 In reply to yes, but MCDBA too

comparing the two from a career point of view, getting certified on which of these do you think will help more.

Some say that Unix with an Oracle DBA has more opputunities. Would appreciate your valued opinion

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My 2 Cents...

by doomhammer0 In reply to Yes

Well here's my two cents.. I'm 18 n currently doing my MCSE on the 2000 track (got one more to go i.e. SQL).. Here's wat i recommend you do, go for an MCSE on windows 2000 n then do an upgrade (2 more exams) to MCSE on win2003, you'll automatically become an MCSA on win2003 aswell.. This is the path m following n i recommend it.. U'll have backward knowlege about windows 2000 (common enterprise OS) n you'll be a bit future proof aswell coz you're certified on win2003 aswell.. If you don't want to upgrade as yet, complete your MCSE on win2k, n there's only one exam which you'll have give extra (70-21 to become and MCSA on win2000 aswell.. Hope this info helps...

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Defintely do both

by RknRlKid In reply to MCSA or MCSE?

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

I started the MCSE series, and it was killing me that I could claim all these tests, but I was just an MCP.

So I took the 70-218. Now I'm not just a guy with a bunch of MCPs, but MCSA ::laffs:: Oddly enough, that is a discriminator. It shows you are progressing in your career skills, and not just standing still.

Yes, it is possible to get overlooked if someone is zeroed in on MCSE only. But having the MCSA still will put you ahead of alotof the pack.

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Currently an MCP

by dev_stout In reply to Defintely do both

I'm an MCP (2000 pro) and am going for MCSA
But I have one question. I passed the 70-210 about 2 months ago and have not received anything in the mail from Microsoft.
I have A+ and Network+ certs, aftere i passed these i received certificates in the mail.
Is there something i need to do or do I need to contact Microsoft?

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Getting the certificate

by RknRlKid In reply to Currently an MCP

It takes several weeks for the actual certificate package to come after taking a test. When I did my first test I think it took 4 weeks. You should have gotten an email from them tho about what you had to do to activate the MCP site on That email has more information about it.

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by cyrusmak In reply to MCSA or MCSE?

MCSE is more professional than MCSA.

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to MCSA or MCSE?

Go for the gusto... get the MCSE. Just make sure that you can do the work in real world situations.

Advice: Don't look at too many outside tools when you are studying for your exams. Stick with the ones that are in the books. After you get the cert, then use the 3rd party tools, they're better anyway.

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