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By UserDeletedByRequest ·

I would like to do a MCSE Course I would like some advice please. What do I do were do i get them? ETC. Is it worth doing them? Is there an alternative?


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Another Thing...

by UserDeletedByRequest In reply to MCSE Advice

I would like a job managing a windows domain.

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Please Explian this...

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Another Thing...


Someone working for us had an accident last week and trapped a large number of Discs in the safe door. In consequence to this the discs got smashed, such as Windows Server 2003, Windows Advanced Sever 2000 & Windows Server 2000. I was just wondering if you would make me a copy of your windows server disc and post it to me? This is completely legal as I will be using my existing serial number. I am willing to pay the costs to produce the disc and post it. Please can you help?

Please E-mail

Yet in another post you say you are a student with no IT experience!!!

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It is simple...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to Please Explian this...

he was a student doing an internship and he broke all of their disks. So he tried to get the disks but everybody was mean. In that week, he has since graduated from school, landed an IT job, but still wants to get his MCSE and needs to know how to do it.

See, it all falls in place.

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what is it with you

by UserDeletedByRequest In reply to Please Explian this...

Talking to "TheTechMail"

right please listen, i have done nothing wrong please don?t victimise me i am working for a small company who are short staff because about 3 of them are ill i am not permanent. I didn?t smash the discs by boss did actually. Why are you picking on me saying im using illegal software. I have never done such a thing i have use a Genuine Microsoft COA i checked with them to see if it was ok they said yes. I didn?t use the original hologram CD but i used an original COA. This is legal. I come from a family of police officers don't you think they would stop me?

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To answer your question

by Timbrewolf In reply to what is it with you

I'm doing the same thing myself.

Except, I decided to go for an MCSA (Administrator vs. Engineer) since while I manage a medium sized domain and network, most of what I need can be covered by the MCSA and it's a much more concise path for my purposes. There is plenty of information on Microsoft's site regarding MCSE vs. MCSA and other alternatives.

Personally, I'm going the CompTia route first for basic certs - A+, Network+, Server+. Then moving on to the MCSA.

Depending on your plan, you may also want to look into a router certification like CCNA or similar.

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by NaughtyMonkey In reply to what is it with you

I said you broke the discs.

Just clearing that up.

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You sent me a PM out the blue

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to what is it with you

asking for copys of software disks - that is what is wrong with me!

You did so without thought to how it looked or would be taken.

If you are a student then explian your website as taken from your sent Peer Mail domain!!!

Family of Police Officers - please spare me comments like that - looks false.

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Zak has been exposed as a fake

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to You sent me a PM out the ...

That is all.

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a fake what

a fake what?

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by UserDeletedByRequest In reply to You sent me a PM out the ...

well they are i cant exactly be a master crinimal can i

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