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MCSE Bootcamp or Not? Serious only

By T Bowman ·
I am requesting educated opinions from experienced, serious IT Pros only and not a MS bash session please.

I am 39 years old. I have 8 years experience in the IT industry. My experience is in Help Desk, Desktop Support and Systems Administration (hands-on admin of 4 or 5 NT Servers).
I have an Associates degree. I *was* certified on NT 3.51 Server, Workstation and Networking Basics. I left a full-time job to open my own company. My company did computer consulting to small businesses along with computer investigations (and general investigations). I am trying to get back in the IT field full-time and believe my lack of current certification may be a problem when combined with my absence from the "corporate" scene.
I am seriously considering a MCSE Boot Camp. I believe if I had done so sooner, I likely would have gotten the one job I wanted most.
Yes, I can take the tests one at a time through self-paced study - just like before, but I need it faster. I need a job real soon. I'm technically competent and have experience, so it won't be a 'paper MCSE' (please, don't go there).

The question: What would you do?

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Go for it

by Zen37 In reply to MCSE Bootcamp or Not? Ser ...

I think you should go for it. Boot camps are exactly made for people like you. People who have experience in IT, with Windows, but need the specifics that the courses offer to get you back on track. I have never personnaly taken a boot camp session. But if i was in your shoes, i would.

Good luck.

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My experience

by epepke In reply to MCSE Bootcamp or Not? Ser ...

I was 38 when I went into the corporate IT world. I had *never* been in the corporate world before. I had always been in academia and then was unemployed (and desperately poor) for about a year.

The way I did it was not by getting a certificate, but by going through a consulting firm which had a money-back guarantee with their clients. I got a couple of gigs. The second gig, they decided they liked me enough to give me a full-time position.

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I've found some info...

by TimMitchell In reply to MCSE Bootcamp or Not? Ser ...

Go to I was looking for a genuine training experience, and not a study cram-session that only provided answers to test questions. I found the site above, and spent a great deal of time researching the type of training they provide. Although it is classroom lecture-based, at least 30% of the course is hands-on... this should be very important to you since you've been out of IT for a while. Also, they guarantee your satisfaction, and will give you a free retake of the course or placement in another course if you are dissatisfied with the course. The course runs for 14 days, and the TOTAL cost is $5995. This price is all inclusive; it includes airfare, lodging, study materials (Sybex books), 2 meals perday, and 7 test vouchers. Actually, if you're within driving distance of one of the facilities, they'll knock off the cost of the airfare. I'm taking mine in Dallas during the first few weeks of December, and I'm really looking forward to it.I know all this sounds like a commercial, but it's not; I'm just refreshed to finally find an affordable training facility that focuses on true learning and hands-on experience, and not just giving you the answers you need to pass the test.

Good luck!

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by LordInfidel In reply to MCSE Bootcamp or Not? Ser ...

Normally I say no to people who ask me about the bootcamps. But I usually follow it up with the type of person that should be allowed to go.

You fit that mold.

Your correct in wanting to go. By all accounts you would benefit from going.

If you were some joe **** who never touched a system before I would say no. But that is clearly not the case.

Just make sure you get good info out of the boot camp.

Good luck.

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boot camps

by ChrisMS In reply to Wldstng94....Yes

Does anybody know if these boot camps are available within the uk and do you have any info on them, like who to contact and costing, as I have seen no adverts for any.

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