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MCSE / MCSA Certification Exam Prep Software

By Navy Moose ·
Hello Everyone,

I recently made an investment with a firm who publishes Microsoft (and others) test prep software.

I picked up the Microsoft Self Paced Training Kit for XP (70-270) read the book cover to cover and took the subtests in the book. Once I was done with the book I took the subject area tests with the software. I did notice seeing the same questions repeatedly through the tests, sometimes only the order of the answers was different.

My fear was that I was not learning the material, I was almost memorizing the questions being asked of me.

I took one of the simulated exams in this software and failed it miserably. I took another using the test prep software which came with the Microsoft book and got a similar score.

What I would like to hear from my fellow IT professionals is their experiences with test prep software, good and bad. Along with advice on the best way to study for this exam.

I've put in six weeks studying for this exam and my test date is 26JUN06. I have a voucher from Microsoft for a free retest if I bomb it too badly.

Thank you.

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Unfounded !!!!!

by seanc In reply to Save your money!

Hi Jeff,

Looks like you are generalising based on the fact that you are having a bad experience where you work.
I do sympathise that Microsoft has brought the value of MS Certs down. This also goes for those paper MCSEs etc..

I wouldn't take any advice from you full stop.

The statement that you made:

"I wasted thousands of dollars and countless hours studying useless information to get my certs. They haven't made any difference in my pay scale and much of what I learned I've forgotten because I never use it in the real world."

If you've spent countless hours studying and you
can't remember what you have learned, then clearly you need to look in the mirror.

You'll see the problem right there !!!!!!!!!!

You did not "waste" thousands of dollars. Spending money on training is an investment in your future. You have only yourself to blame for not being able to reap the benefits.

Don't make silly statements like this. It only shows you up.


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I wouldn't call it a silly statement.

by jmiguy In reply to Unfounded !!!!!

I completely stand behind my advice, and there is nothing wrong with where I work either. I enjoy it thoroughly and I do get paid well.

My point is that if you know what you're doing you can get paid well without wasting your time or money getting certified.

Memorizing a bunch of facts proves nothing if you don't know how to incorporate them into your job.

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Ok :)

by seanc In reply to I wouldn't call it a sill ...

Look, I'm not trying to pass judgement. The guy was just crying out for help and I felt that your posting was discouraging for him that's all. I'm glad that you enjoy your role.

Good luck for the future :)

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by Navy Moose In reply to Save your money!

I've been in the IT field for six years. My company is asking the Windows people on my team to get certified.

I've never been a fan of certs from anyone. I agree Microsoft makes you learn information you likely will never use. Much of what I learned as an undergrad or grad student I will most likely never use either.

I want to be competitive in the IT field and I want to use the certs and my experience to help place me above other people when I need to look for a new job.

Thank you for your post.

Navy Moose

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by wingoc In reply to Certs

when applying jobs, really required to have lots of cert with you, sigh!

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by ultraback50 In reply to MCSE / MCSA Certification ...

How did the test go? Did you pass? How difficult is it? Hope all is well!

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