memory prob

By prettymars ·
the memory of my windows7 laptop does not increase even if i have deleted files. it remain the same after i had that trouble when i saved a file and got a message that getting low memory. i was not able to close the program because it all froze and i just shutdown the power. when i restarted the memory remain the same and keep getting lower each time i save a file. is there a way i could fix it? pls. help...thanks..

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by prettymars In reply to I smell virus

The program i run when i encountered that error was (photoshop) i saved a file there and then that was the time i got the message that memory is getting low and that i need to close photoshop.
Like i said i already have avast anti virus and a windows defender both actively protecting the computer.
Thank you.

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by prettymars In reply to memory prob

yes, you are correct. i am referring to the 'disk space'. i am sorry that the statement made you confused. and yes it is right also that after i delete even the previous files the free space does not increase. it is not like this before. because whenever i delete a file it immediately free the space with what i have deleted. but after i had that trouble of saving the file i worked on and did not closed that program properly because it froze the remaining space does not increase anymore when ever i delete files. and when i have new files that i downloaded it just continue to decrease its space. i am just wondering why and if there is a way i could get it back to what it was before. thank you.

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Disk space

by Merlin the Wiz In reply to memory prob

If your disk space does not return to what it was before the file was added, there are two possible explanations.
One: the file was not actually deleted and is still in your recycle bin. Solution empty your Recycle bin.(Right click on the Recycle bin and left click on Empty Recycle Bin.)
Two: You have a virus your current anti-virus is not detecting. Solution Go to, follow the instructions to download the latest version of viprerescuexxxxx.exe and follow the instructions on the web page.

Good uck!

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Could be corrupt MFT security descriptors

by 88Fan In reply to memory prob

Currupted security descriptors in the file system can cause a lot of problems and can easily be mistaken for a virus/trojan/other malware...

Open a command prompt with admin privileges (Start | All Programs | Accessories | right click on Command Prompt, Run As Administator)

In command window type - chkdsk c: /r

This will require you to reboot and will ask you to schedule it for next boot, it might take a couple of hours to run depending on errors found and size of your hard drive.

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defrag note for prettymars

by john.a.wills In reply to memory prob

Defragmenting the disk does not remove or overwrite files which have not been deleted.

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by gaban7 In reply to memory prob

I have experienced something like that in window xp sp2 and what I do is use TreeSize to determine what files exist on my machine. instead I have found that having SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION file size is very large. to solve this problem I use the way:
1.START-RUN then type services.msc
2. press enter and select Indexing Service
3. then select stop then right click on Indexing Service and select properties and change it to manual
4.After that go back into the run command then type CIADV.MSC select SYSTEM
6. and voila the missing hd space finally meet again

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by prettymars In reply to memory prob

to: john.a.wills and to everyone who shade some light to my problem. for sharing your ideas, suggestions and for trying to help. i really appreciate all the help i get from all of you. from the bottom of my heart thank you very much.
i have tried the disk defrag and it gives a lot of free space.

thanks a lot!

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