Microsoft-7, Administrator

By PatrickJ7 ·
After downloading the September patches for WIN-7, I was changed from an Admin to a Standard User (guest ?). I do not believe that I did anything else to cause that change, but anything might be a possibility.

1. I suspect that a change occurred in the REGISTRy for WIN-7. If that is correct, is there any way to reset the Registry?

2. Is there any Microsoft Support for items like that?

... Pat

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I'm starting to think that you're a hoax.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to loss of administrative pr ...

Happens all the time. People make up ludicrous problems, just so they can feel important and get attention and waste people's time.
Hoaxes never give thumbs, either

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agreed upon

by richie3po In reply to I'm starting to think tha ...

I think you may be on to something here...

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You sent me a peermail Patrick

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I'm starting to think tha ...

If your story is not bogus, you shouldn't have too much trouble reinstalling. If your system has no admin accounts, you should have access to all the folders you use, so that you can back up all your data to an external drive.
Reinstalling is not a big deal. Sure, it's a pain, but it's not terminal.
You can ease the pain of reinstalling by downloading up-to-date installers for all the things you need.

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And now, apparently, you sent me an identical peermail...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to You sent me a peermail Pa ...

You know, that's suspicious behaviour.
As is not giving thumbs for helpful comments, which you have gotten a whole load of.
Final chance to redeem yourself: remove all DVDs and CDs from your drives; reboot, but press and hold F8 before the windows load screen appears. That will get you the option to boot into safe mode.
Tell me, what do you see? Is it any different from your normal boot-up?

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Administrator Privileges

by PatrickJ7 In reply to Impossible to mess up?

Looking at "regedit.exe led to a list of 141-items. Having the abilities of being an Advanced Amateur, one not about to change the Registry, I downloaded advice articles from "". It looks as though it might be the first reasonable lead to a solution. However, I intend to find someone more-advanced that myself before attempting its advice.
"Thank You".

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What's with the quotes?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Administrator Privileges

And did you look at the link I provided below?
And if you have found any post here helpful, be sure to press "marks as helpful".

BTW: Without admin privs you cannot make any changes to the registry. I just checked, it looks like it has edit capacities, it just won't accept actual changes... i.e. it doesn't write to registry, only to the screen interface box. So, if you can use regedit.exe to make a change, don't! It's a sign that something else is afoot.
Report back here with how it went please.

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by PatrickJ7 In reply to What's with the quotes?

Thank You for your advice. I sent an snail-mail to the corporate office of Microsoft, and I did receive an answer saying that they would have someone contact me on Oct.28-29th. will let you know what happns.

I had guessed that there was nothing that I could do about the registry (even if I had any competence about doing so).
... Pat

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You should use the button...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Adminitrator

Makes for better odds of getting advice.
The one called "mark as helpful" that you see under each reply. If a reply was helpful, mark it.

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by PatrickJ7 In reply to What's with the quotes?

On 29 OCT, I spent 2-hours with an MS tech-rep, but that did not solve my problem. I now intend to ask if it is possible to escalate this problem to a higher-level. Trying System Restore, with several older dates, failed.
I really appreciate your help.

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what does it tell you when you try the command prompt?

by richie3po In reply to Administrator

I've posted advice for you in another post towards the bottom of the thread. It involves using the command prompt to reinstate the Admin account. Was your Admin account password protected? If so, if you are prompted for credentials, put it in. If you used a blank password, follow the instructions, and then shut down, when you restart, your admin account should be back. I would assume you remember your password if you need it?

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