Microsoft-7, Administrator

By PatrickJ7 ·
After downloading the September patches for WIN-7, I was changed from an Admin to a Standard User (guest ?). I do not believe that I did anything else to cause that change, but anything might be a possibility.

1. I suspect that a change occurred in the REGISTRy for WIN-7. If that is correct, is there any way to reset the Registry?

2. Is there any Microsoft Support for items like that?

... Pat

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Admin privileges for Win 7

by richie3po In reply to Microsoft-7, Administrato ...

First, I would recomend that you stay clear of the Registry. Nothing good can come of medling here.

Are you able to perform a system restore? Have you tried? Restore to a date before the updates, and see if your Admin account is back.

What about safe mode? Is there anything different while logged in that way?

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Admin privileges for Win ...

He can't mess up his registry without admin rights anyhow, and system restore obviously requires admin rights too.

I still haven't heard if he's tried using a blank admin password.
Nor have I heard if Safe Mode is different... I suggested that earlier versions of windows have a safe-mode-only default admin account.

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Oh yeah!

by richie3po In reply to Well...

Hahaha, duh! Good call on the regedit and restore, my bad.

Yeah, i would be interested to know more about safe mode, seems to be a life saver sometimes

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What about event viewer?

by richie3po In reply to Well...

Is there any way that he could see Admin rights disappear in the event viewer?

Just throwing ideas here....

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Catch 22

by TobiF In reply to What about event viewer?

I guess you need to be an administrator to run eventvwr.msc

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by richie3po In reply to Catch 22
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Okay, try cmd

by richie3po In reply to Drats!

Type cmd in the search box in the start menu. When cmd comes to the top of the search list, right click it. On the cascade menu of commands, click "Run as Administrator" (it'll have the little shield next to it) When the command prompt box opens, type this:

net user administrator /active:yes

I'm running out of options here, lemme know if this works...

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RE: "Run as Administrator"

by TobiF In reply to Okay, try cmd

I bet the computer will ask for admin privileges in order to allow this...

I guess the best way forward is to do a backup of the user profile, then reinstall from fresh.

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Not so, Tobif...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Okay, try cmd

It's the big bad security hole of Win7 (to make up for all the plugged ones)... a normal user account can run commands as an admin by providing a valid admin password.
So if there's a default admin account hidden somewhere on the system, and that account has a blank password; then it would work.

But if there isn't any trace of any admin anywhere on the system, I guess there's nothing else to do that back up all one can and than have a windows moment: wipe and reinstall.

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