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Microsoft Access Database Front End

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Hello everyone.

I have an issue with a Microsoft Access Runtime Database. Presently, we have an Access database that has been split into a front end and back end (Sales.mdb and Sales_be.mdb respectively). Both of these files currently reside on a mapped drive to which 20+ users have access. The Access Runtime shell has been installed on each user's workstation and shortcut to Sales.mdb (the front end) has been placed on each desktop.

With the large size of our database, users have been having performance issues. They work for a few minutes, performance gets slow, they get a runtime error and then we have to get everyone out. After they get out, we compact/repair both the front end and back back end. Then, everyone can go back in and work for awhile. It happens within a short period of time after.

I guess that what I really want to know is if there's anything I can do to stop these runtime errors. They are for no apparent reason. We compact/repair the database nightly and we even have a timer that will get users out of the system after 1 hour of inactivity.

I came up with an idea, and I want the opinion of an Access expert. Most of the time, the 'broken' database tend to be the front end. I have considered putting the front end on each user's workstation instead of having them share it on the server. A consultant that we met with a couple years ago said that it was better if both the front end and back end were in the same directory, but I'm starting to think the opposite may be true. If that's the case, I'm going to create a script that copies the newest version to there workstation everytime they log in. I want to know if that's likely to help though. Regardless, I would also like any other suggestions for minimizing the number of times this issue occurs.

Thank you very much.

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You have the right idea

by sarahsdaughter In reply to Microsoft Access Database ...

Your consultant was wrong. Create your script and let each user work off of their own copy. We work with a SQL Server back end for our data, an Access front end that resides on a file server and a script that copies the dB onto each users workstation when they open it. It has been working for several years now without a hitch and seems to overcome Access' dislike of multiple users.

It also makes it much easier to update and make changes to the dB because I can make the changes, export them to the server based front end and they are distributed to the users automatically the next time they open the dB. It also allows them to make temporary changes to database objects where necessary without those changes being translated to the "master copy".

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