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Microsoft Attacks Google on Copyright

By danglingwrangler ·
I am completely baffled by Microsoft's ridiculous attitude that they are holier than thou. They have the audacity to challenge someone elses business model when their security patches should be feeling the real HEAT !

Who are they (except have a lot of money and would profit nicely if google would go away), to judge anyone when Microsoft software is non secure and costs individuals and organizations $ millions of lost productivity and sometimes completely lost data.

Why is this ... Microsoft denies security holes found by other security groups and sometimes delay for months patches to fix the problems, if at all !

My god... if any company had the cash or resources to fix Operating System or Office Suite software that needs fixing... it is Microsoft. But they do not do an adequate job.
You would think Microsoft has been the management company for Walter Reed Army Medical Center and it's poor performance providing medical care for Iraq War veterans.

Microsoft prefers instead to keep all their users on a leash with software patches or the endless Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) utilities they push onto everyone computer in auto updates more frequently than they offer real security patches to fix broken software that really need it.

Microsoft is more interested in maintaining their fortune than offering the consumer reliable software. They seem to forget how they got their fortune in the first place.

As I am employed in the IT industry(not Google), I witness everyday like everyone can by manually updating, (instead of auto update), and then with the custom option the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA)utility being pushed on to computers and nothing else more often than not. This is even when there has been security holes(exploits), found in their software for days and weeks and yet there are no security patches... just the Windows Genuine Advantage(WGA) check utility.


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You're preaching to the choire here, as we agree with you...

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Microsoft Attacks Google ...

but until the masses of corporate and home users start dumping Windows for other alternatives, there is no end in sight to this madness with security updates and strongarm O/S updates such as Vista.

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I think it Ironic that Microsoft talks IP, but from past experience

by DanLM In reply to You're preaching to the c ...

I don't think they have respected this concept either. At least in Googles defense, there is much more information available to the general public with their concept. Where as MS intrudes on the IP concept in a secretive manner. They throw out the gambit at open source intrusion on their I.P., but will not open their source for review to see how much they have infringed on other's..

Just my opinion... Which is worth jack chit... Or, or the amount of money I lost at Las Vegas over the weekend... lol


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