Microsoft Exchange Server giving error 0x8004011D

By jdillman ·
I have an XP pro Sp2 machine that whenever it tries to connect to the exchange server it gives the following error:
Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004011D) : 'The server is not available. Contact your administrator if this condition persists.'

It is only on this one machine. I can log in with the accounts on any other machine. I can log in with Outlook Web Access from the problem machine. I am able to ping the exchange server from the problem machine by ip address and FQDN. I can ping the workstation from the server. I have tried reinstalling Office to no avail. Any suggestions you may have would be much appreciated.

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by Travler92 In reply to Microsoft Exchange Server ...

Have a look at the followinfg link as it relates to your problem: Luck

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by Travler92 In reply to XP SP2

The Good Luck is not part of the link ;-)

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Knowledge Base Article

by jdillman In reply to XP SP2

When I go to the link(minus the good luck part:p) it says The Knowledge Base (KB) Article You Requested Is Currently Not Available.

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re: Error 0x8004011D

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to XP SP2

Based on the first 3 digits of the link that Travler tried to post, it might be this article:

However, that applies to Office XP SP2. You told us you're running "XP Pro SP2", but didn't specify if that is the operating system or the verion of Office that you're running.

If not Office XP SP2, perhaps you have Office 2003 or Office 2007. In that case, this article may well apply instead.

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by jdillman In reply to re: Error 0x8004011D

I'm sorry I didn't mention it, I am running Office 2003. The article you linked to for Outlook 2003 tree wasn't the problem. When I open up outlook it asks me for a password like it should, it just doesn't connect.

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by CG IT In reply to Microsoft Exchange Server ...

so what your saying is Outlook can not connect to the Exchange Server and after a period of time trying to connect said error pops up on the workstation?

This is the only knowledge base article that has that error code

That's the only resolution listed for that error code.

if after multiple attempts to fix this error, you continually can not connect to Exchange, you should contact microsoft. This is a known problem with resulting fix and if the fix doesn't work, MS needs to know.

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Fixed it

by jdillman In reply to humm

I found that there was an incorrect entry in the hosts file. I was trying to go out and then come back through the firewall to the server. Changed the entry to the correct address, and it works fine now.

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Hosts file?

by CG IT In reply to Fixed it

in an AD environment with DNS and your using the old Netbios hosts file?

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I think someone needs to brush up on their AD knowledge

by ManiacMan In reply to Hosts file?

You think this is bad? I used to consult for a financial firm in which their "genius" of an IT manager upgraded from an NT4 environment to AD with a mix of Windows 2000 and 2003 servers and was still naming new servers as PDC1, BDC1, WINS1, WINS2, and so forth. He was treating AD as if he was still back in the NT4 domain days. Not only did it irritate the **** out of me, but when I tried to make things right and explain the silliness in his naming convention and what FSMO roles were (yeah, he didn't know that either and somehow managed to get AD working properly which was a mystery to me), he got all defensive and terminated my contract. Yeah, there are morons like that out there.

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humm ya know I guess your right

by CG IT In reply to I think someone needs to ...

I do need to brush up on my AD skills, especially with Windows Server 2008 coming out.

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