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Microsoft Is King!

By Yzowl ·
Get Used To It!!!! Lets all stop bashing the system and focus our energies in a positive way! Microsoft has been King since it's beginning, and I would think it shall rein for many years to come. Funny how without Microsoft, most of you wouldn't even be able to be here!
Instead of all the whining and complaining, which will get you nowhere, why not use what you have to create something better? How would you make the system any better than it already is?
Is there any other operating system ready and capable of taking the rein from Microsoft? I think not, but I'm always open to new opinions... WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE... TODAY?

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You're an idiot.

by admin In reply to Purchased or Not!

"Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it".


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Let the Best Company Win

by Phillip Taylor In reply to OS vs Applications

Windows 2000 is arguably the best operating system to date - if not by performance alone, then by the fact there are more hardware drivers for it than Linux

Microsoft Word 2002 and Excel 2002 and probably the best (good design, good quality etc etc) for Word-Processing and spreadsheet applications

Microsoft Visual Basic is the most used and understood Programming Language (mainly used for teaching purposes)

This snowballs and means even with poorer applications like Access that:

Office XP - best office suite
Visual Studio - best development suite
Windows 2000 - cant run office on linux

So businesses are going to buy these packages - making Microsoft the best Software company around - at the moment

Dont knock them - we dont have enough money to choose our programs individually

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Office on Linux

by jcwolves In reply to Let the Best Company Win

Is it not possible to run Office 2000 on a Linux box using an emulator or WINE?

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No argument about it

by qomputek In reply to Let the Best Company Win

Any one who does their homework will see that Windows 2000 is NOT the best OS in the market.

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Here Here...

by Yzowl In reply to Let the Best Company Win

^5 Perhaps when some of these other software developers learn to quit whinin' and do something about it, we'll have more choices. Don't count on it to happen any time soon though... seems they have lots of cheese on their plates at the moment!

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re: OS vs Apps

by Logan Ellison In reply to OS vs Applications

That organization that Apple got the GUI concept from would be Xerox.

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by Annonymous In reply to The Big Packages!

It's hard not to compliment where they stand today? Um... okay... if you think standing on a pile of sand, blasting yourself in the foot with a pump shotgun is a good way to stand.

'Microsoft is King!' Yeah, king at sticking their hands in the end user's pocket. King at making top quality software? Don't make me laugh. Linux is more than ready to take the reins from M$ as far as OS goes. You want an office suite? Ever hear of Lotus SmartSuite? How about StarOffice? Both are excellent productivity suites. M$ can stick it's XP series where the sun don't shine, for all I care. I won't miss it.

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Tap Tap....

by Yzowl In reply to [choke]

Quit chokin... Don't see Linux even coming close to Windows, then again, it's hard to see anything with all that smoke your blowin'...

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Star Office

by jcwolves In reply to [choke]

Star office works for me, and it claims to be compatable with Office prodicts. All I can confirm is what I have tried. I have tried and succeded with .doc

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MS is a Dictator

by salmonslayer In reply to The Big Packages!

The only reason 3.1 (and MS) got a foothold is because they resorted to practices which were questionable, if not downright illegal. Making a computer manufacturer guarantee that DOS and Windows was installed on every single computer that went out the door or they would be penalized was really a questionable endeavor. They got away with it for many years because the consumer thought they were getting something for nothing.
It was around that time that I looked for any other option, and settled for OS/2 (which from a technical point of view is still superior to Windows 9x). Microsoft's biggest argument against OS/2 at the time was that it required at least 8 megs of memory to run. I could do more with those 8 megs on a 386-40 than I can do with Windows 9x or NT on a PIII 800. Try formatting a floppy while downloading and printing under Windows!! It can't be done, yet OS/2 could do it back in 1992.
Linux is powerful and usable, and in time will have the installed base that will attract the consumer audience.
I now use Linux for "work" and only use Windows for "play". Unfortunately, many of the games that I play only work under Windows, but that list is getting smaller as Wine advances.
MS is not a king, only a dictator (and dictators have a habit of being removed).

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