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Microsoft Is King!

By Yzowl ·
Get Used To It!!!! Lets all stop bashing the system and focus our energies in a positive way! Microsoft has been King since it's beginning, and I would think it shall rein for many years to come. Funny how without Microsoft, most of you wouldn't even be able to be here!
Instead of all the whining and complaining, which will get you nowhere, why not use what you have to create something better? How would you make the system any better than it already is?
Is there any other operating system ready and capable of taking the rein from Microsoft? I think not, but I'm always open to new opinions... WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE... TODAY?

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King of Monopoly!

by Yzowl In reply to King of what exactly?

Name one thing Microsoft has invented?... How bout a monopoly? So far they seem to rule at every thing they touch, which is enough to make them King in my books!

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Invented monopoly?

by McKayTech In reply to King of Monopoly!

I don't think so... the Sherman Anti-Trust Act was not directed against Microsoft because it was still decades in the future.

And they emphatically DON'T rule at everything they touch - the Microsoft history includes lots of failures including disk compression software (which were found in court to have stolen from Stac and were required to pay $120 million for), security breaches, that silly 'Bob' concept that failed so miserably and so on.

What Microsoft is very good at is making sure that others DON'T succeed. King, maybe... but history is full of bad kings whose final legacy was less than admirable.


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Monopoly by Fault of End User.

by cscampbell23 In reply to King of Monopoly!

In my opinion, the lack of technical skills of the typical end user helped create the Microsoft "Monopoly". Microsoft provides an easy to learn and easy to use OS that has the largest variety of software. More technical users are also aware of thevarious OS options. Until I started learning and supporting computers, I myself was not aware of the options. I like Linux, Unix, and OS2 but Windows is where I make my money. For me everything else is just a hobby.

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by khandubaba In reply to King since the beginning?

no matter - what others say and what others believe - i know about myself and agreed that - MICROSOFT IS KING..... LION KING.

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Xwindows rules

by syadm In reply to Microsoft Is King!

Microsoft is King of bluescreens and FUD campaigns - Where do you want to wait today?
Xwindows rules..

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Where do you want to wait today?

by Yzowl In reply to Xwindows rules

Not in the dark! Funny, I never did get to see a blue screen till I loaded software other than Microsoft's... In fact, I can't even remember what they look like!

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Win 2000 BSOD

by generalist In reply to Where do you want to wait ...

I will admit that I haven't seen the Win 2000 equivalent of the blue screen of death that often on my work machine. The OS does appear to do a good job of shielding you from such unplesantries.

On the other hand, I have had to to multiple reboots on some days because Win 2000 choked on something. I've learned to keep things simple and not run as many applications as I used to under Win 98.

In effect the BSOD has been replaced by lockups that require restarting your computer.

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Win 2000

by Yzowl In reply to Win 2000 BSOD

I've been running Windows 2000 Professional since it first became available, in February 2000. Although I did see the occasional BSOD in earlier versions, I have yet to see one in the latest release. Nor have I had to reboot my system due to system failure. My computer runs 24/7, and in my development of websites, work with many programs running at once. I'm very grateful to finally have an operating system that I can rely on day to day. Perhaps the problems you are having were due to upgradingto Windows 2000?

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Not an upgrade

by generalist In reply to Win 2000

My variation of Win 2000 came straight out of the box on a new machine. So your upgrade theory fails in my instance.

There might be a chance that my style of work could impact things. I will often start multiple programs so that they are loading at the same time.

In the Win 98 environment this would work more often than it failed. But when it failed, BSOD time.

In Win 2000 it also tended to work more often than it failed. But when it failed, no BSOD. Just lockup.

One ad I have claims that Windows 2000 Professional is thirteen times more reliable than Win 98. Using that statistic from a Microsoft ad, that means that my reboot frequency is only 7% of what it used to be.

So instead of rebooting ten times on a bad day, I only have to reboot about one time.

It isn't bad on a PC, relatively speaking. But it is not what I'd call reliable.

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Win 2000 Pro

by IT Tech In reply to Win 2000

I have to agree the Pro version does seem more stable. (sigh)

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