Microsoft Office has encountered a problem and needs to close.

By jokicmla ·
Hello Everyone,

I'm having issues with Outlook 2007. I get the following error message;
Microsoft Office has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Click on the link to see screen shot error;

Then I get the following error dialog box, when I click "Send it to Microsoft".
Click on the link to see screen shot error;

This is the report that I received from Microsoft after sending ?error reporting? to Microsoft.
Click on the link to see screen shot error;

Possible Resolution:
I tried resolving this error by 1) Disable or removing personal firewall if the problem occurred due to installing the securing updates (this firewall is disabled). 2) Reinstall Outlook if it has occurred because of system conflicts. (swapped with new machine) 3) Repair the corrupted Outlook PST files.

I didn?t try solution #3 yet although he only has one.pst and shouldn?t be affected by the error since he is a new user.
What I don?t get from Microsoft is that they are saying that this error is due to antivirus program????
I use Symantec Corporate Antivirus. If other users are using same outlook version and same type antivirus, it?s impossible for this user to have issues and not others. Microsoft has erroneous report sent to me. It doesn?t help and makes absolutely no sense.

Information on User?s Computer:
Symantec Full Version (definitions up to date)
Outlook 2007 (up to date with Microsoft)

Thank You in advance, anyone?s thoughts and comments are helpful use.

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Unless something has happened to the AV Program

by OH Smeg In reply to Microsoft Office has enco ...

Depending on how it is loaded if it is installed Locally it is possible that a Error has crept in causing this problem to occur.

As the Error report is very specific have you tried removing the AV product and seeing if it works correctly now?

I gave up years ago expecting computers to maker sense they don't so the most obvious thing to try is to remove the AV product if it's installed Locally on this computer and see if it works now. If it does replace the AV product and see if the problem persists.

If it does how new is this workstation? It's possible if it's a old load that something has happened to this particular Registry that causes this to occur.

A re image should cure the problem if that is the case.

I have one small business user with 2 computers same Hardware, Same Software Load, Same Level of Patching, built at the same time yet one system works perfectly and the other refuses to run the same AV Product that is working perfectly on the other computer. Replacing the AV product with a different one cures the problem and the only difference between the 2 computers is that one connects directly to the Internet and the second one not working connects tot he Net through the first one. Both systems have 2 Network Cards as when built it was envisioned that it may be required to physically change the positions of the computers and have the other one as the Gateway. These should perform the same way but don't.


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