Microsoft Office Question

By Pommyboy_FearFactory ·
Hi There,

I cant seem to find a solution anywhere for this problem, i have a client who is getting this error message:

Runtime Error!


This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unisial way. Please contact the applications support team for more information.

i have done a detect and repair and also reinstall office...

i thought it may have been one document that was courrpted however any word document has this error come up...

any help is greatly appreciated

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Wait - you are blaming me for what?

by seanferd In reply to seanferd

I never did any such thing. I deny it. I? Restore rationality? <i>Strict</i> rationality, even?

Get outta Dodge.

I may have been on topic, but rational? Nevar!

<font size="1"> Disclaimer: The "a" in "nevar" is placed intentionally for purposes of internet spelling meme abuse. </font>

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Could be user profile?

by beanxyz In reply to Microsoft Office Question

Have you tried to login as a different user and see if the problem still exists?

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google and whatnot

by brian In reply to Microsoft Office Question

i had this problem earlier this year. while googling, i found that mine was related to registry key errors...i can't remember where i found the correction at on the web, but i know its out there. try googling office (version here) registry error or the exact error you are took some digging so good luck... *for those who want to correct this post in so many ways, i'm sorry, i don't use capital i's, my spelling is horrible, and well...i make extremely long run on sentences... :)

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by Pommyboy_FearFactory In reply to Microsoft Office Question

i ended up reimaging the machine, i could get to the root of the problem, however it didnt happen on another machine, and yes unfortunatley it is office 2002.... we run a old version of hummbird dm and are unable to upgrade untill dm gets upgraded anyway seems to be alright now

thanks for the replies

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