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Office suite users and support analysts, use this space to consult with other Office users and analysts, post your questions, offer your comments on the Microsoft Office Suite e-newsletter, or suggest future Office tips.

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Using VB to set time and date

by eisley_rodrigues In reply to Inserting date and time f ...

In your form design view, right on cmdRes, then select "Build Event", a pop up box will appear. select "Code Builder"

The code for your application will look like this

Private Sub cmdRes_Click()

[resTime].text = Now()
[resDate].text = Now()

End Sub

Back in design view, you can select the spefic formatting for the date and time fields you have just created.

Hope this helps

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Inserting date and time from a command button

by rleavitt In reply to Inserting date and time f ...

Private Sub cmdres_Click()
Forms![test].restime = Time()
Forms![test].resdate = Date()
End Sub

I used test as the name of your form

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by mschapiro In reply to Microsoft Office suite Q& ...

When a date is put into a field and you tab over to the next field over, the field with the date changes to pound signs.

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by juliang In reply to Excel

Just resize the column width.

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Min/Max Across Multiple Sheets

by waresfamily In reply to Microsoft Office suite Q& ...

Is it possible to use a function/macro to find the maximum value in multiple sheets in a single workbook?

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Don't see why not

by nickrusso In reply to Min/Max Across Multiple S ...

Try syntax =MAX(sheet1![range],sheet2![range],...).

Dont't forget the bang! after the sheet name, or just click and select the sheet and range you want, comma, then repeat for next area.

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