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Microsoft wins again in Eolas patent dispute

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
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Is the Eolas plug-in patent finally dead?

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Microsoft wins again in E ...

Patent Office hands Microsoft second victory, scraps browser patent claims that could roil Web if upheld.

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Patents running amok

As much as I dislike companies that make their profit off what I see as ambiguous patents like how programs react to a double mouse click, I am pleased to see that a similarly ambiguous (in my opinion) patent is not being enforced.

For the consumer faced with an ever-increasing cost for software, the freeware and shareware market is the place to shop. But if owners of "frivilous" patents are allowed to demand that programmers pay royalties because their software "acts" like it uses patented functions, features, ideas, or concepts then the freeware will no longer be free and the shareware cost will rise, or the market may close altogether and rob consumers of an otherwise very useful source of technology.

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