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Migrating NT4 to 2003 AD in same domain

By stuart.truman ·
We have just purchased a new server and windows 2003 server standard edition and we are currently running on a Windows NT domain. We have run tests and can use the ADMTv2 tool to migrate all users from one domain to another but we dont want to do it this way.

We want to keep our existing domain and migrate all the users from the original server (NT4) to the new server (2003) so we can utilise AD. The ADMT only allows for migration between domains so that wont work. We cant setup 2003 as a different domain and then change the domain name as we need to keep the server functional level in Native mode as we need to migrate Emails accounts from 5.5 to Ex2003 (as I understand it) and we cant change the domain name with Ex2003 on the server as everything I have read states that it cant be done.

So my question is how can we migrate the NT4 accounts to 2003 in the same domain?

I have already been given the following solution:
Remove Win 2k3 from the new server and install NT 4.0 on it as a BDC while connected to your existing domain, promote to PDC then upgrade the new PDC to Win 2k3.

But this is not possible as the 2003 CD in not an upgrade CD. I have also had the following suggested:

1. format new server and install nt server as a backup domain controller
2. promote it
3. update new server with an evaluation version of server 2003
4. activate eval with 2003 serial number

But I'm not sure this is ok to do.

I can believe we are an isolated case, as all we require is to replace the existing server (inc H/W) with the new server H/W and account on the same domain.

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by mhabr In reply to Migrating NT4 to 2003 AD ...

I have kinda same problem, but i have sms 2003 in its domain and server NT in NTDomain.Is there any way to change shared directories security from for example NTDomain/UserA to SBSDomain/UserA? I used ADMT for migrating groups and user, then upgraded NT4 to Server2000, but dunno how to replace sharing and add server 2000 to sbs2003 domain.Is there any way or any tool for this operation?

Thx for some replies. Martin

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by jluther In reply to Migrating NT4 to 2003 AD ...

I'm in the same boat and ran across this thread.
What did you end up doing or any others who had the same problem ?


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by stuart.truman In reply to Migrating NT4 to 2003 AD ...

I should have posted this months ago when I resolved the issue but better late then never.

Well you can install NT4 onto your new H/W and set it as a BDC and then promote it to a PDC. You then upgrade the O/S to Windows 2003 which automatically pulls over the users and domain from the previous version of NT4. You can then install Exchange 2003 and set the functional level to Native mode and perform the migration process for the mail boxes.

Job done!! Well it would be if you had an upgrade version of Windows 2003. What if you have just purchased a new server from Dell and they have supplied the non-upgrade version of the operating system. Exactly!!

To get around this we did the following:

1) Installed NT4 server onto a spare P3 box and set it up as a BDC
2) Remove the temp NT4 server off the network so it doesn?t interfere with your current DC.
3) Promote the temp server to a PDC
4) Upgrade it to Windows 2003 using a trail version, provided by Microsoft in their Technet Plus package or downloaded from Microsoft.
5) Put the temp server onto a closed LAN with the new server box running Windows 2003.
6) Set the new server to be a Domain Controller supporting the temp server.
7) Then decommission the temp server, which moves all Domain Controller responsibilities and roles to the new server.
You now no longer need the temp server and can put the new server onto the existing network.

The new server will be taking the responsibilities of the Domain Controller but you still need the old NT server active as it is running EX 5.5. So you need to turn off the current NT4 server and boot the new Win 2003 DC, once this is running boot up the NT4 server. It will detect that there is a DC currently on the network and the service will not start leaving your new server 2003 as the DC for the network. Simple!!

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by stuart.truman In reply to Migrating NT4 to 2003 AD ...

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