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Mind Reading Technology

By holocaust ·
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Scientists from the university of california, in berkeley have been successful in tracing the spoken words to the pattern of electrical brain activity &, so can they see natural & eye scanned visuals on the screen.

In simple words, the auditory human sense can be heard & visual senses can be extracted too, including human thoughts. That means complete mind reading is now possible with advanced computer software emulation.
The idea is to measure the blood flow in the 'visual cortex', which is fed to the computer through the brain scanner.

The best part is, this technology can be combined with long range scanners, which can scan a particular persons mind, whether he's on walk, bus, train or a bike. The thoughts can be read on the go, even without the person knowing it; i.e. thoughts can be eavesdropped.

A. Advantages
1. Can read minds
2. Help paralytic patients
3. Help people who cant speak
4. Can be used for military purposes & sting operations
5. Can be combined with consoles & used for mind gaming, robotics & stuff.
B. Disadvantages:-
1. Breach in privacy
2. Can extract, through an individual, an important, secure & confidential information of individual, state or even a country
3. If developed or used by sinners, can be highly dangerous
4. Eavesdropping
5. No way to neutralize this technology

The technology is new, interesting & helpful in a sense; but, its disadvantages are far more dangerous & sensitive.


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well, one already has a chemical compensator, as

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Unless...

amphetamines are used to make the brains of those with ADD think more like those without.

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Too many questions, but i'll answer all

by holocaust In reply to Mind Reading Technology

Q. Too much misinterpreted
Ans. This article is a combination of many studies all around the web & produced to you in a shortest way i can. Reference being the only link to explain basics. Always remember the inventions are always brought only 5% to public. Me cant depend on one article to submit my views.
Q. Sinners who's nick?
Ans. Sinner the term is not used for the original inventors. Its used instead for ter_rorists. I had in simple english. Imagine what if they had this copied.
Q. Portability
Ans. Its said, it can be not is, so its a future modification. About this, it has already been on other forums too, (check TED conversations) & it is beyound the source's data.
Check this out actual speech decoded.
If i give every reference, refrences collumn will be bigger then blog itself. lolz
Such a great info, & its sad to see no tech related or some awesome replies, a plate of sphagetti a foil & -1 votes great. Thanx all for replies.

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