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Missing ntldr

By hop228a ·
I have an intermitting problem with my desktop computer,and its driving me insane.

When I boot up after showing the POST and PCI listing,I get the error message:

Missing NTLDR.

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by sueboring In reply to Missing ntldr

The only other thing i can think of and i dont know if it could be is a virus on the motherboard. have you tried putting another hard drive in to see if it does the same thing?

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by hop228a In reply to

I did have a spare HDD for the pass 5 years or so, right uptill last month when I gave it away,it was just sitting around collecting dust. Typical, just when you need something.

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by berserkk In reply to Missing ntldr

>Comment from on 03/17/04:
>I thought you get the "Non-system disk ....." >message.

Windows NT/2000 give the error message "Missing NTLDR" when no boot media is detected (i.e. non-bootable cd-rom / floppy )

In the bios is the hard disk detected as primary master? try setting the boot sequence to :
1. hdd (c:\) first
2. cd-rom
3. floppy

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by hop228a In reply to

It would have helped had I mentioned at the start, that I am running XP PRO.

Its an intermitting problem.

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by 1stladytech In reply to Missing ntldr

Even though the hdd passes diags, I would still try another hdd. If the drive is intermittently not spinning up fast enough for the mb to detect it at post, you will get this error. One way to check this before purchasing a new drive is when you get the error, you should still be able to see the bios post on the top half of your screen. Towards the bottom of that screen, you usually get a list of IDE devices, does your drive show? If it is not id-ing to the mb, it will not be in the list. Good luck


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by hop228a In reply to

Sadly I haven't got any spare HDD to test.

Looking at the post,the HDD is listed.

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by detek In reply to Missing ntldr

Did you use any hard drive utility, like ghost, to transfer your data into a larger hard drive before upgrading your operating system to XPpro?

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by hop228a In reply to

Sorry bit confused.

Not sure where you got the ideal of me having said anything about transfering data from a small drive to a larger and about upgrading XP PRO?

Anyways, going back to you question. The only HDD utility I've used is the DFT and as mentioned,I haven't transfer any data nor upgraded to XP PRO.

Thanks for your time.

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by CLIFFL In reply to Missing ntldr

Have you recently changed something ? put in another hard drive with a different operating system.
NTLDR is a Read only/Hidden/System file that the system uses to start up, so if it cant find it you wont start.
When you do get it to start do a thorough check of your hard drive in case it is about to fall over !!
Back up all your data. Make sure all cables etc are connected properly. Take them out and reinsert.

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by hop228a In reply to

The only device/hardware I've changed reasonly is upgrading the graphics card.I have done no upgrade on HDD.Having research on this NTLDR,yes it does mention about the file being something relating to start up,but what I can't understand is why it imtermitting boots,unless yes that file is currupted.Yes,as mentioned already,when I am able to boot up,I have ran HDD DFT,scandisk,defrag and no faults found.Reseated all data/power cables and still nothing.

Well,since my first posting,I have restall XP PRO and so far (touch wood) its still running ok.

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