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I am trying to understand the standard winXP MMC snap-ins, specifically understanding where and why they have overlap and how to use each in combination. I think I have a fairly good understanding of how they can be used individually, but as a group of snapins I am not sure.

Computer management snap in has a section called local users and groups and the snap in "local users and groups" is identical.

Security templates snapin has similar settings as the group policy snap in.

Here is the situation. We have 300 computers operting without a domain, without active directory. They have never been properly configured for security. Now I have to apply security settings, LGPOs, define my groups and users, and other areas to each of these devices individually. I need a way to sit here in the office and design these settings, then apply them in the field in a semi automated way such as a batch file. I cannot manually assign all these settings to each device over and over again in the field.

So, what snap-ins do I need?

Explain the overlap of settings.

Explain how I can define my settings in a lab, then roll them out in a semi automated way to each device.

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Actually Yup, There is no other way

by IC-IT In reply to Nope

Without an AD environment, the only way to do anything is to export either registry settings, registry.pol or Admin templates.
You set the desired levels and export the admin template. Then you can import it into the other systems.
You can create new Groups that are non-native to XP, but in order to give them a certain level of rights you need to add them to the existing Group(s)

You will need to open Gpedit.msc and look around.

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by winthrop.polk In reply to Nope

This is just another snap-in, and yes I do need to use it. But this snap-in does not include a section for defining the actual groups and users, which also must be done. I am also unsure why the security templates have a section called Kerberos policy but this snap in does not. Yes, I need to define the settings in the admin templates, but this is primary focused on component settings and software settings so it's only part of the picture. I also need to assign the security settings such as user rights and password policies which are not in the admin templates.

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