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Modern day Rasists and race baiters

By jdclyde ·
I was listening to the Rosa Parks memorial, and I couldn't believe what I was hearing. A bunch of low-lifes using her life and death to get their faces back into the public eye.

The "honorable" Rev. Sharpton proceeded to claim that people that oppose "affirmative action" are the racists today, and the enemy of the black american today.

Does oppossing reverse-discrimination make you a racist?

Later on came the "honorable" Rev. Jackson and suprised me less with WHAT he said as much as HOW he said it. The Rev Jackson, is undesputably a well educated man, and is very articulate. For this particular show, he had "dumbed down" his speech. Instead of the clear, educated man that I am accustom to hearing and seeing, it was instead the talk of a poorly educated man, in a pathetic attempt to reach his listeners?

In general, it was nice to pay tribute to this woman. There were many times though when she was not the reason people were there. It was to push their OWN agendas.

Did you listen to or see this tribute?
What did you think?
Were these people great men standing up for a great cause or were they snake-oil salesmen out only for themselves?

Also, did they HELP or HURT what they claimed to be supporting?

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P like an F

by Montgomery Gator In reply to just so they don't feel l ...

So, P should not sound like an F? Then how would Pfizer Pharmaceuticals be pronunced?

P-fizer P-harmaceuticals? That would be hard to say.

Then there is Price Pfister, "the Pfabulous Pfaucet with the Pfunny Name". Your proposal is going to mess up some major corporations!!

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I say

by jdclyde In reply to P like an F

take them all down and let them burn.....

And yes, even the cutesy names that people give products should be outlawed in the name of science!

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Tom, TSUM when?

by Surflover In reply to Publick educashun

when were you at T-Roy-Tech?

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by Montgomery Gator In reply to Tom, TSUM when?

I was at TSUM from 1996 to 1999, working part time on my MS in CIS degree. It was great, being able to go to classes at night, since it did not interfere with my day job. Are you a Troy State alum? They have campuses all over the world. Now call themselves Troy University, got all snobbish and dropped "State" from their name, but I still call them "Troy State", because I am "old-school" :-)

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Sure Am !

by Surflover In reply to TSUM

At least part of my education, finished my CIS major there in the early 80s... Taught at Alabama State while I was in the capital of the confederacy too ...THAT was interesting!!!... (I'm a 5'6"/150lb caucasian, with blue eyes and (at the time) relatively long blonde hair :^O)...

Also attended Michigan, Central Michigan, Center for Creative studies (Detroit), Auburn, Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific, Roosevelt U(in Hawaii), and S. Alabama (Mobile)...

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Chris Rock

by MirrorMirror In reply to Modern day Rasists and ra ...

Did anyone catch Chris Rock on Leno a few days ago? He was going on about hurricane Katrina and how GWB hates black and poor people. I do beleive that he even went so far as to say that the levies were blown up. I could be in error on that tho. What I know is that Leno's face went stone still and white while Chris Rock saw spouting insanity. I know Chris Rock is just another Hollywood weirdo but because of his celebrity, he has an automatic platform for his stupidity. It makes me mad!

Sharpton and Jackson are doing nothing but hurting what they claim to be supporting. They want to make white people slaves to guilt over black slavery or any other perceived racial wrong against the black man. I supposed in their eyes turn about is fair play. Especially if they can profit from it.

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by jdclyde In reply to Chris Rock

played this game for too long, too many times.

The "whites" with any intelligence realize that they had nothing to do with slaver, and thus have no guilt to feel for what happened to people that have been dead for a century.

People are tired of hearing it, and enough is enough.

Reparations? To whom? There aren't any slaves left! Or at least not in America. You need to go to other countries to see slaves.

No relative of mine ever was a slave owner either, so I don't even have guilt by accociation. Guess these people will just have to actually get a job like everyone else.

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50 Cent

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Backfiring

At least 50 Cent has some common sense. He blasted Kanye West for his comments that "George Bush doesn't care about black people".

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