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Monday YUK { sorry, this deserves it }

By Jaqui ·
Now, a lot of people have heard me comment on the hot babe that lives just down the hall from me. ]:)

for those that haven't:

Her boy-toy came storming into the building on saturday night, really pissed off. Seems that She was making out with another girl in public.


What would you do if your girlfriend was making out in public with another girl?

Desert's boy-toy is ready to break up with her for it.

All their friends were watching and loving the action. ]:)

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by apotheon In reply to Well, here's an interesti ...

Maybe the other girl looked much better than his girlfriend, and he was jealous!

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Quite possible.

by deepsand In reply to or

I didn't mention that here, as I took that to be implied by one jd's above posts.

But, yes, that definitely may have been a **** to his vanity.

BTW, I do commend you for not letting our disagreements on some matters color our exchanges on all things. I do wish that Max were capable of such.

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I'm a very reasonable guy.

by apotheon In reply to Quite possible.

I've avoided discussing much of anything with maxwell and Oz since having a major disagreement with each because in the next couple conversations where I interacted with them they came at me with guns blazing rather than treating a separate discussion as separate. I give everyone a chance or two in later discussions before I just put them on pseudo-ignore -- so far, you haven't used up any chances.

In other words, your positive regard for me in this matter is returned. Thanks for being reasonable here.

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One can but try.

by deepsand In reply to I'm a very reasonable guy ...

And, should that fail, 'tis better to agree to disagree, and move on, than to erupt with ad hominem attacks, and deprive oneself of the opportunity to learn something of value from a respectful opponent.

Now, do you think Jaqui might need a hand scouting out the "other woman?"

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From another perspective..

by maecuff In reply to Monday YUK { sorry, this ...

It seems to me that cheating is cheating. If both people in the relationship are in agreement that things like that are cool, then, no problem. But if the understand is that they exclusive then regardless if the other person is male or female, it's cheating.

Or at least that's my skewed take on reality.

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I'm with you Maecuff

by Tig2 In reply to From another perspective. ...

Was there an understanding that the relationship was monogamous? If yes- "Dessert" is in the wrong. If not, Boy-Toy doesn't have a leg to stand on. I think that is really the issue here.

And the "we never really talked about it" excuse doesn't really fly here- at least not to me. If you aren't discussing the boundaries of the realtionship, there's a problem. Just as I believe that you shouldn't have sex unless you are willing to have a conversation about it, I believe that the boundaries of your relationship have to be discussed and agreed to in advance.

Only makes sense... to me.

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It depends Tig

by jdclyde In reply to I'm with you Maecuff

If boy-toy just ASSUMED it was a one-on-one game, that is his problem. People start dating and just take it for granted everything else stops without talking about it?

If they did have an understanding, then it would all depend on how hot the other chick is! ]:)

Still waiting for pics so we can make a final judgement! B-)

Only makes sense... to all guys! ;\

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What can I say, JD

by Tig2 In reply to It depends Tig

I understand that youth does things that age would never dream of. I can say that because I once was youth, now I am age. Well... ish.

I think that what has Boy-Toy in a twist is that he KNOWS that he can't measure up to another woman- too different. :)

And potentially hot. We just don't know as Jaqui has refused to provide photographic evidence!

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years ago

by jdclyde In reply to What can I say, JD

life was good. wild and good..... ]:)

Then I got married and it all went to ****.

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