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Monday YUK { sorry, this deserves it }

By Jaqui ·
Now, a lot of people have heard me comment on the hot babe that lives just down the hall from me. ]:)

for those that haven't:

Her boy-toy came storming into the building on saturday night, really pissed off. Seems that She was making out with another girl in public.


What would you do if your girlfriend was making out in public with another girl?

Desert's boy-toy is ready to break up with her for it.

All their friends were watching and loving the action. ]:)

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on a serious note

by apotheon In reply to From another perspective. ...

You're right.

1. If it's supposed to be an exclusive relationship, she screwed up. If not, he's just being unnecessarily jealous.

2. If it's undiscussed, he should basically just find out how the girlfriend would react if he did the same thing with the same girl.

3. If the girlfriend's cool with sharing, he needs to decide whether that's the sort of relationship he wants. If not, she owes him a serious apology.

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by Shellbot In reply to From another perspective. ...

I agree. Cheating is cheating. Obviously Boyfriend did not know the relationship was NOT exclusive, hence in my mind, she cheated. But who knows, not really my place to judge.

Its something i take very seriously. I would be devastated if my better half cheated on me.

Now, Jd, so am i right that you think 2 chicks and a guy is cool, BUT 2 guys and a chick is not cool? Tsk Tsk..i thought you were more enlightened than that? ]:)

So i cancel the plans i had for this weekend then JD? ]:)

sorry..i'm in a feisty mood :)

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cheating and playing

by jdclyde In reply to yup

if she didn't agree to exclusive, then it wasn't. If it was, then it was a betrayal.

Guys don't fantisize about two dudes and one chick.

That does not mean "certain" dudes didn't "share" before...... Ahhh, Sweet Marie...

The daze of traveling with a rock-n-roll band had it's impact on me. ]:)

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Totally Normal... ;-)

by dawgit In reply to Monday YUK { sorry, this ...

at least here in Germany L'amour - C'est la Vie & **** happends
(this would be that top 10% than ? )

(ja, edited -tsk-tsk)

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I'm wondering if someone on TR has bugged my office.......

by gadgetgirl In reply to Monday YUK { sorry, this ...

mainly because I was told of a very similar situation just a few weeks ago. Who's put the radio transmitter where??!!

Ok, so this guy caught his live in girlfriend of six years lying on the sofa with her friend at a party where everyone (bar him) was the worse for wear. Yes, he drinks, but had got to the party about 4 hours after it started due to work committments. The girls were necking on, and it totally threw him through a loop.

They had talked about exclusivity, but not the same sex type. Where every other male in the place was egging them on, he just couldn't believe what he was seeing and left.

She didn't go home that night, but one of his mates went to talk things over with him. He just didn't "get" the fact that his mate was hyper over what had happened. They tried talking it through, then had a few drinks, then tried again. All in all, a few points came out....

1. He felt a little disgusted at finding her necking on with someone of the same sex
2. He had the unerring feeling that if her relationship with her female friend kept going, he'd be the loser, and she'd eventually admit to being lesbian
3. He felt, in some way, that she must be dissatisfied with him both as a person (male) and as a lover
4. He no longer felt like a "real man"

They split up, and consequently he's a lot happier, but she's just kept on moving - nothing came of the romp on the sofa, but she now realises that "exclusive" means just that.

She went through all the "usual" excuses (just wanted to see what it was like; haven't been with a girl before; trying something new etc.) but also came up with one I can sort of understand, but hadn't heard before.

She didn't have to tell a girl how best to please her.

(I doubt anyone on this board needs that explaining, but if you do - ****, you really don't know men and women very well, do you??!!)

I can sort of understand that last one, because there aren't many men in this world (according to women) who put a womens' satisfaction above and beyond there own (No DE intended)

Yes, I know there are some out there, but like real, TRUE gentlemen, they can be few and far between.....ok, present company excepted for the most part....I like living, and don't want flaming for this.

But you get my drift.

If there is a lack of communication between the couple as to what works and what doesn't, what is good and what isn't, what is permissible and what is a no-go area, then, in that case, I understand where she's coming from. Ok, we're all different, we like different things, but the basic framework is identical (for the most part)therefore a woman is more likely to know on another woman what has a higher percentage of success.

Ok, I don't think I said that too succinctly, but I'm trying to avoid slang/colloquialisms etc so I don't fall into any cultural gaps here. I'm not even going to try and clarify, I'll just post the damn thing up and wait to get questioned/grilled/cooked......

Personally, I'm strictly a one woman man. I've never had the slightest inclination to explore, other than a lover of an opposite sex to my own. I'm a firm believer in communication in any and every way, from purrs of delight, to wriggles of appreciation, to the forthright doling out of verbal instructions; each, of course, depending on circumstance.

So there you have it.

Jaq, you just knew I'd have to reply to this thread didn't you?
Well, it is all about my favourite subject.....



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by neilb@uk In reply to I'm wondering if someone ...

Yep. My fortuitous combination of boat owner, ex-NHS and (now) Ofcom employee means that it was easy to arrange for webcams in your office, office toilet (ladies), home (and toilet), boat (and head) and local pub toilet (ladies).

And a couple more that I'm not going to tell you about.

I cannot tell a lie (geeks can't, you know) - it was jdclyde who put me up to it.

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Not the closet!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Bugged...

Please, tell me there's not one in my closet!!! Neil, darling, sweetheart, petal, you didn't put one in my closet, did you?

(If you did, did you like the royal blue velvet Ann Summers top I tried on yesterday???) ;\

(oh, and you'll notice a lack of info from the bug in the ladies loo in here last week.....

cos it was bust....!!) :_|

And why does the instigator being jd not surprise me in the slightest......



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Royal blue velvet Ann Summers top - mmmmmm

by neilb@uk In reply to Not the closet!

Thanks, babe. I have a couple more to site yet and I was after some good suggestions.

Do they have Anne Summers in the US? Anyway, guys (and gals), just Google.


Trust me, people. Just Google...

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Their equivalent, I think.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Royal blue velvet Ann Sum ...

is Victoria's Secrets....

feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, people


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Love Victorias!

by jdclyde In reply to Their equivalent, I think ...

They even have shops in the mall so you can walk right in and sniff everything! I mean SEE everything.


Of course these are all boring and mild compared to Jaqui's links, but for us mortals, it is a good start! ;\

All the catalogs still COME to me because I was always the one that ordered the goodies for the EX to wear. My birthday gift would be to buy something that I could take off of her! No matter how good they looked on her, they always looked better in a pile at the foot of the bed! ]:)

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