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Monday YUK { sorry, this deserves it }

By Jaqui ·
Now, a lot of people have heard me comment on the hot babe that lives just down the hall from me. ]:)

for those that haven't:

Her boy-toy came storming into the building on saturday night, really pissed off. Seems that She was making out with another girl in public.


What would you do if your girlfriend was making out in public with another girl?

Desert's boy-toy is ready to break up with her for it.

All their friends were watching and loving the action. ]:)

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jd, you're getting predictable.......!!!

by gadgetgirl In reply to How do you please a woman ...

I originally put a one liner on the end of the post to say "and if jd peer mails me about this....."

I shoulda bloody left it there!!


Ball (!oops!) back in your court.

How do YOU please a woman??

(then I can tell you where you're going wrong! :^0 )


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Anyone that REALLY knows me

by jdclyde In reply to jd, you're getting predic ...

would be able to tell I was BSing just because SOMEONE had to say it!

I am probably the only guy on TR that shows up to a SuperBowl party, not even knowing or CARING who is playing.

Second, it is always more fun to try to one-up the one your with. The better you are for them, HOPEFULLY they better they will want to be for you.

The other advantage of being "adventurous" is you make is so the NEXT guy in their life has a tall order to match. ]:)

My First and only true love from about 20 years ago, well, lets just say she was interested in what was in his pants, but it was in his back pocket. She still had to come back to get other "issues" resolved.

The problem is, it isn't easy to find someone that agrees that it should be a few times a day, not a month, AND a quickie is about 20 minutes.

I actually heard a myth once that there are SOME women out there that actually WANT to play with the boys! Snoopes didn't having anything on that urban legend yet, but I am still looking! B-)

Bearskin rug baby.

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by OnTheRopes In reply to Anyone that REALLY knows ...

What is "SuperBowl" please?

Entire discussion confuse me. 1+1 is 3? New math?

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Superbowl explained

by jdclyde In reply to SuperBowl?

Every January in the USA, people get together and provide me with food and beer. It is a grand time.

They even have this thing called a "board" where you give them a few bucks for a "square" and at the end of the night they give you a lot of money.

Sometimes it is hard to chat because they won't turn that dang TV down.....

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Well I find attending Auto Auctions

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to jd, you're getting predic ...

Where there are no Motorcycles pleases mine no end.

I even offered to buy her a Gull Win Mercedes and she was as happy as A -------that was until she found out that there where 2 Vincent Black Shadows at the same Auction and I wasn't allowed to attend. :_|

Surely one half Million $ Perfectly Restored Mercedes is worth allowing me to buy a couple of inexpensive motorcycles isn't it? Unfortunately not in her books that would have made her very unhappy. So I wasn't allowed to go but she still on me about her Gull Wing Mercedes. ?

But GG the way to please a woman is to do as she tells you.

Well at least I allow her to think I'm acting that way anyway. :^0

Col ]:)

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by Jaqui In reply to jd, you're getting predic ...

I beat her into orgasm. }:)

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Nothing says love

by jdclyde In reply to easy

like a good beating? ;\

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by Jaqui In reply to Nothing says love

when you are a masochist you really enjoy getting one. when a sadist then inflicting the pain is almost orgasmic.

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As stated in Coupling when talking about threesomes

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'm wondering if someone ...

That's 4 breasts! Nugh Said.

Col ]:)

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What few know, and even fewer are willing to accept.

by deepsand In reply to I'm wondering if someone ...

Physiologically, women have 3 possible sexual orientations - straight, gay and bi-sexual.

Men, on the other hand, have but 2 - straight and gay; those who claim to be bi-sexual are in fact gay.

This difference makes it difficult for men to accept a women's bi-sexuality as being other than a betrayal of him.

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