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Money well spent? I need career advice.

By andrew74eva ·
I want a career in the IT industry ,but the course I want to do is very expensive and I need some feedback as to wether this will be a good step into the industry or wether my money could be spent better elsewhere for the same results.

My background. I have a science degreee ( Microbiology ) I have never worked in IT

The Course.
Over 3 Months f/t .
A+ Cert and MCP gained. Very small class sizes with a good reputation for student support. Job placement is also included .These peoplehave a good rep with a no. of large companies that come to them looking for their graduates. Courseware including Windows 2k Prof. is included.
The cost is 5500 USDollars.

The key is that this counts as the first 6 months of a Bachelor of Computing Degree in Network Technologies, the idea being that you work in the industry starting in a level 1 role and finish the rest of the degree part time ( also with an MCSE thrown in) , when you finish you have the degree and a few years of industry experience and the MCSE.
The only catch is that the 5500$ only covers the initial 3 months ( A+ and MCP ), to complete the degree would cost another 4500$ per year.
I don't have that sort of $ and even to do the 3 month course is a huge financial commitment for me and I need to be sure that I will get some return for this. Also what is the chance that my future employer will sponsor me so that I can finish my study because now that I have a wife and young child I can't realistically see myself being able to afford it.
Am I wasting my time or will this be a good investment?....I can't afford to screw this up. I am prepared to work hard and I know that it will be a steep learning curve but I want to get myself into a worthwhile careerin the industry with opportunity for advancement in the future.
Any feedback will be most appreciated.

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still going on...

by dlreazor In reply to Money well spent? I need ...

technical schools that 'provide you a certificate' and 'employment assistance' have been around since computers became into their own in the late 60's. Make sure any technical certificate is an authorized certification granted to the school by the vendor (such as Microsoft, HP, etc.). Don't accept their word, ask for it in writing and request a sample copy. As for employment assistance, well good luck on that as well.
Same lines as before...
Recommendation, if you want in, take any job, workhard, take some classes and then if you like it, you will at least have some experience to bargin with your training. Thats what I did, I just got started 3 months late with classes for a certificate that nobody wanted.
PS. Their cost is at little higher based on inflation of what they were in the 70's. End result, certificate not recognized, out of date, etc. and no help with the job. placement.

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a follow up to my other reply

by W. LeGrow In reply to Money well spent? I need ...

As of today, less than one month after completing the courses I took (in house with instructor led classes), I've been offered a position designing the Active Directory Infrastructure for the hospitals networks here - earning a healthy 6 figure income.
Now, the initial call came the day after I completed my last day of courses, and had only completed two exams, but, the offer was made right then and there.
Obviously, this isn't going to happen for everyone that does this... But, for me, it paid out in Aces!

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