MONITOR not displaying anything after motherboard exchange

By dhrupod ·
Hii All,

Yesterday, I bought a new MSI motherboard.
New mother board is compatible with my old processor. but, after I connect all the cables, I find no display on the screen. It is complete blank. Even the "NO Signal" RED light does not turn to Green.

But, the Fans are rotating, casing front panel showing lights, hard disks making regular /usual noise.

Never had this problem, any idea why it's happening? Did I miss something? I only removed the old mother board and
placed new one, since both same form factor and nearly same dimensions, it got set properly, just no display. Any Idea?

Please advice as soon as you can!

I am dying without my PC running.


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Are you sure the monitor didn't go bad???

by jimmy-jam In reply to MONITOR not displaying an ...

If you have no lights at all on the monitor I would first suspect something may have happened to the monitor. Is it CRT or LCD? If CRT you should hear the degaussing coil charge when you first turn it on. If LCD the really are no audible cues.

If its LCD are both power switches on? I have been burned before where I kept trying to turn the monitor on with the front switch and it turned out the "vacation" switch (a rocker switch likely located on the side of the monitor) was turned off.

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Flat Screen Monitor

by dhrupod In reply to Are you sure the monitor ...

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for reply. Actually, this is a flat monitor, not crt. However, it detects the power (by showing an orange led on) but doesnot detect any video signal .

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Well a couple of things to try

by OH Smeg In reply to MONITOR not displaying an ...

The first is the BIOS Clear Jumper make sure that it's set to Enable not Clear. With the Jumper set to Clear the System will not start and you will get this problem.

Do you hear any Beeps for the M'Board?

If you don't pull the CPU again and make sure that it was correctly fitted to the Socket. I've seen several Home Builds with 775 Sockets where the CPU is incorrectly fitted and the system fails to do anything at all.

If you hear some Beeps from the M'Board list the Model of the MSI M'Board and the Beeps as they happen and we'll be able to tell you what the Beeps Code is trying to tell you is wrong.


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by dhrupod In reply to Well a couple of things t ...

I will do that and post here. thanks for the tips

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It's a single Beep

by dhrupod In reply to Well a couple of things t ...

Hi Smeg,

I can hear only one beep and the motherboard is "MSI P6NGM-L GeForce 7050 Socket 775 Onboard VGA 8 channel audio mATX Motherboard"

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OK the 1 Beep means that it's passing the POST it's working correctly.

by OH Smeg In reply to It's a single Beep

The M'Board is working correctly. So check the Video Card for a proper connection something they may not go in all the way at the back of the Slot and be held out of the Socket by the Case or the M'Board not being mounted high enough off the Backboard. Either way the Video Card isn't correctly pugged into the M'Board.

If it is the Mountings you may need to remove the M'Board and test it outside of the case for function.

The other thing to check is the Power Supply try a Known Good One to test with to see if it works correctly. It is possible that Fans run but there isn't the Correct Voltage or Current available to the M'Board to run correctly. Also make sure that the Axillary Power Plug is plugged into the M'Board to prevent the Video Card drawing too much power through the M'Board and damaging it. This is a 4 Pin Plug that attaches to the M'Board in addition to the 24 Pin ATX Power Connector. On this M'Board it is just in front of the USB Back Panel Connectors.

If it still doesn't work remove the Optical Drives, HDD/s, all but 1 stick of RAM and try restarting again if you now get a display install one part at a time till it works. If it still doesn't work remove the M'Board from the case place it on some clean white Paper and connect 1 Stick of RAM and the PS and try shorting out the Power On Pins on the header strip with a small Phillips Screwdriver if you don't have a push contact switch to connect to the Power On Pins. If it's still not working remove the CPU and reseat it and try a different stick of RAM but I think you'll find it working now if not previously.


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Getting Worse

by dhrupod In reply to OK the 1 Beep means that ...


I got a new power supply of 550W (old one was
250W) , connected all off the casing , no
luck. rather that single beep is now gone
away. I just noticed the MOBO specs asks for
PC2-4300 but I have 4200 DDR2 ram. Was that
something crucial? should I get PC2-4300


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Boot into the BIOS, and select "Load default settings".

Then select "save and exit". Your computer will/should boot up fine.
If not take out your graphic card and boot up your computer without it. Please make sure you always touch the metal parts of your case.
Turn off your computer and re-place your graphic card and give it a firm push to seat it into its socket. When in connect the cables to the graphic card ports (DVI or other), and see if your monitor comes alive.
I sound like the X-files here. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Well if this is out of the case now

by OH Smeg In reply to Getting Worse

The Speaker has been disconnected and there is no On Board Speaker so you shouldn't be hearing anything.

Reduce the unit to the Bare Minimum which is the CPU and try again. It shouldn't work at this level but it should give a series of Beeps so connect up a speaker and check the BIOS Clear Jumper is set to run not clear. Quite often M'Board makers set the BIOS Clear Jumper to Clear to save the BIOS Battery and when this is set that way the M'Board will not start.

The RAM should be the 4300 Type as you need the speed to work the system correctly but it also needs to be a brand Compatible with the M'Board some RAM can be rated to the right type but still be incompatible with the M'Board.

The Following Brand of RAM is supported by this M'Board

OCZ Technology

So you need not only 4300 but one of these brands of RAM and from previous experience either Corsair or Kingston are the best available. I would be using one of those brands.

After you get Compatible RAM enter BIOS set the Date & Time and use the Load Defaults. Save the Changes on Exiting BIOS and this unit should now be working.


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2 things...

by .Martin. In reply to MONITOR not displaying an ...

1. most people are not READING previous post. it has already been stated that he uses ON BOARD VGA!!! read previous posts people!!!

2. nobody had suggested trying a different screen. apart from the RAM not being fast enough, it sort of sounds like the on board graphics may not be working correctly. that is the motherboard is a lemon.

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