Monitor Won't Stay In Standby

By dogknees ·
I've got a problem with my new PC. My monitor, which is not new but about 20 months old won't stay in Standby. When I shutdown the PC the monitor enters standby, but some time later (not sure how long as it happens overnight) the Monitor wakes up. When I get up in the morning, I'm greeted by a nice blue screen.

New PC is running win7 x64. All settings appear to be correct as the monitor does go to standby, but something triggers it later. The monitors settings have not changed and it was working correctly on the previous PC.

Any ideas?

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It's still a power spike

by OH Smeg In reply to Monitor Won't Stay In Sta ...

But it may be adversely affecting other things here. For instance a ATX Power Supply turns the computer on and off by having the On Switch produce a ripple small spike in the 5 V DC Rail of the Power Supply.

If the Power Supply is not the greatest a simple power spike could be causing it to produce a spike/ripple on another Voltage Rail or even starting the unit momentarily and then switching off again. When this happens the Monitor will start but as it doesn't get the signal to turn off it stays on.

As you can use a different computer and not have this issue I would be looking at the Power Supply in the computer that is causing this to happen.

Of course fitting a Filtering UPS between the computer/Monitor and Mains will most likely cure this as well. With some of the more modern Power Supplies they are built with corners cut and do not have enough Capacitance in them. They tend to work fine most of the time but can cause screwy problems that normally would not happen with a more expensive/better designed unit.

Does that answer how a Power Spike can be involved when this doesn't happen with a different computer?


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by dogknees In reply to It's still a power spike

Fair call. I didn't say it originally, but the PSU is also in common from the old PC. It, the keyboard, mouse and monitor are the same.

Latest news, it didn't do it last night. First time since I built it. So, we'll see what tomorrow brings.


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