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More emoticons, please!

By gadgetgirl ·
This thought has been wandering around for a while now, but I thought I'd try and help out these lovely folk at TR by giving them a ready made request list for further emoticons.

We don't have that many on the board, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to give us some more...would it?!

Personally, I definitely need an angel emoticon. (Believe that, you believe anything!) I could also do with something British - a Union Jack smiley? Or a smiley wearing a Union Jack waistcoat? (yeah, I know it's now called a Union others, not me)

This could really be taken to extremes if it is thought about too much - pregnant members get to use smileys with bumps, those with babies get lots of little smileys along with the mother get the drift!

So, make your own suggestions for emoticons, and your reasoning behind them. Let's get this list ready - just in case they ask for it in the near future.....

(and a personal emoticon of chocolate body paint with small brush wouldn't go awry, either.....!)


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If you become the model of innocence

by stargazerr In reply to angel

I will have to become the new devil ... ;\


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A driven snow emoticon

by DMambo In reply to angel

I remain the torch bearer for those pure of heart among us. JD, do not kid yourself that you could possibly be considered clean in spirit. You are like a demon corruptor trying to mold the minds of those still innocent.

Oh, wait; that's Sleepin' Dawg.

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Hey! Personalised emoticons! (Bit of silliness, really!)

by gadgetgirl In reply to More emoticons, please!

I think we should each have our own, whether they match our personalities, or our TR names?.


Me ? smiley with gadgets pouring out of every pocket/smiley painting choccy body paint over everything including duck

Dawg ? sleeping emoti-dog, which when roused barks loudly and shows teeth. Has duck permanently at his side

Jaqui ? (gotta be) smiley with long black hair, flailing whips and chains at all and sundry

Jck ? obvious one ? emoti-swill, complete with royal crown and sceptre (for prodding Max and jd with!)

Jdclyde ? smiley with large heart, big grin, studiously reading cookery book, and setting fire to the book at the same time?..

ITGirli ? studious smiley, with specs, avidly reading and turning pages continuously

Old Guy ? Aging smiley, long beard, walking stick, muttering but happy

Mark ? Texan emoticon! Hat, spurs, lasso, yee-haaing all over the place

NeilB ? mad professor emoticon, with lab coat and test tube over Bunsen burner??oh, hang on, he was on the Muppets, wasn?t he?.?

DMambo ? gotta be a red smiley, continuously blushing!

Stargazerr ? zoomy smiley going from pc to pc whilst avoiding salesmen!

OzMedia ? Hippy ?way-out? smiley, drinking coffee, smoking pot, prodding at keyboard

Max ? Smiley wearing suit, complete with bowler hat, which is doffed intermittently

Don?t have time to think up any more, but feel free to continue yourselves!

(Gosh that was fun, but I don?t have time to eat, now!)



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by rob mekel In reply to ~sticking tongue out~

Giving the other ppl a great change on ripping your tongue out when y're babbling around and won't stop. (hehehe)


life is to short to not enjoy it

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Jaqui, I saw

by Old Guy In reply to ~sticking tongue out~

that emoticon in a link you had yesterday and I figured you would wind up with it. However, I think the last one looked much better. This one may fit you better but the other one looked better. :)

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this is just

by Jaqui In reply to Jaqui, I saw

for today, to tease gg since I have one that fits like in her post.

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Hey! How did

by Old Guy In reply to Hey! Personalised emotico ...

you know what I look like??? Man (actually, Girl) you're good!

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Easy, really.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Hey! How did

the web cam is working again.....



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Beware, beware

by rob mekel In reply to Easy, really.....

GG can arrange y're webcam from distance. Beware of the allmighty eyes. For fun is to be coming of this.


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