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More IE Woes

By Swampdoc ·
Got a client with XP Pro SP1 using IE. She was trying to do some online banking and she couldn't login. The bank had her do some update on IE and now not only does the online banking login not work (fill in login and password click LOGIN and nothing happens) but can't get to Windows Update site either. Downloaded and installed Java plugin and tried to reinstall IE but all it will do is tel me there;s a newer version installed. Tried uninstalling IE and reinstalling, same thing. Any ideas folks?

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by Swampdoc In reply to

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Software needed for business does not allow for SP2 to go on.

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by maxwell edison In reply to More IE Woes

---------- First ----------
I know you said that your virus protection is up to date, but the W32.Blaster.Worm will display this type of problem. A "double-check" for it wouldn't be a bad idea.

---------- Second ----------
There is a problem on the net right now with Verisign. Applications are trying to make an SSL connection and failing.

For Windows XP locate a file named HOSTS in the following folder:


Open the file in Notepad, and add the following line:

3) Save the file (you may need to reboot ).

---------- Third ----------

Did you install the following security patch?

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by maxwell edison In reply to
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by Walkerxp92 In reply to More IE Woes

I had to fix a computer recently that had very similar problems. I tried reinstaling IE multiple times different versions an everything. Nothing seemed to work till I fould this antispyware software. I have used spybot and addware for years and some others but this one is by far the best ever, it only gives you a 15 day trial but it finds more than any other antispyware software I have ever used.

Also I would suggest getting a copy of sp2 for her computer it has some IE updates that may be helpfull...

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by Walkerxp92 In reply to

sorry didn't notice the coment you had about SP2 just ignore my suggestion about SP2 but definantly try the giant AntiSpyware, very legit and excelent!!!!!!

I don't know if you have tried running this command in run sfc /scannow you will need the OS disk

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by Walkerxp92 In reply to

Just another addition about the giant company antispyware... the most recent pc that I had this same problem that you are having I ran spybot and adware and they came up with allot of spy ware but after both cleaned the pc multiple times didn't fix problem...

once I ran Giant AntiSpyware it fixed it perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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by atm142 In reply to More IE Woes

Most likely you have already checked this out but most computer problems are overlooking simple things so heres a reminder on the sp2 update. Control Panel/ Administrative tools/ Services/ Automatic Updates ::automatic::

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by Sue T In reply to More IE Woes

Hav you tried doing a system restore back to a time when it did work?

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by glyall In reply to More IE Woes

First STOP banking on line.
Do it person.
It is the safest way to do banking.
One of these days you are going to be sorry that you do your banking on line.
The cracker are going to break the code some day, and that are going to cost us all greatly.


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