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More trouble with contacts...

By AnsuGisalas ·
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Can y'all check your contacts?
I looked at Boxfiddlers contacts, and I don't show there, despite two-way following... so it may be in worse shape than we thought.
If there's a discrepancy, it would probably help the code jockeys to know about the shape of it.
I'll edit in my contacts and mailto options: I do hope this is not a privacy offense, all this is public record, right? Anyway, there's no way to track discrepancies in this without some disclosure...
aeiyor@... Doesn't follow me
becabill Doesn't follow me
bergenfx@... Doesn't follow me
boxfiddler Follows me
DelbertPGH Doesn't follow me
GSG Doesn't follow me
herlizness@... Follows me
Jason Hiner Doesn't follow me
JCitizen Doesn't follow me
jck Follows me
Joe_R Doesn't follow me
maxwell edison Doesn't follow me
Michael Kassner Doesn't follow me
Neon Samurai Follows me
NickNielsen Follows me
OH Smeg Follows me
oldbaritone Doesn't follow me
Palmetto Follows me
pgit Doesn't follow me
PurpleSkys Follows me
rmerchberger@... Doesn't follow me
santeewelding Doesn't follow me
seanferd Follows me
SinisterSlay Doesn't follow me
Sonja Thompson Follows me
Sterling "Chip" Camden Follows me
The 'G-Man.' Follows me
Tigger_Two Follows me
TobiF Follows me

Mailto options: Tigs, Boxie, Tobif, Sonja, Nick, Chip, jck, Neon, Liz, Oh Smeg

So, mutual follows but no mailto : G-man, seanferd, Palmetto, Purpz : Does this coincide with the peermail box being unchecked?

Also, it would be good to know how the contacts lists look from the outside.

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So, now we know...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Test mail coming your way ...

The selection of contacts available for PM appears to be an arbitrary selection of the mutual follows... as in completely without rhyme or reason.

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Rhyme or reason

by santeewelding In reply to So, now we know...

Suggest you approach it as though a field of arbitrary asteroids, none with a mind of its own. It's how I approach Southern California freeway traffic; TR, lately, too.

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by seanferd In reply to So, now we know...

I seemed to have arbitrarily lost contacts on the changeover. This is anecdotal, as I have already re-added several members and don't recall which, so unless I detect another, I have no way to check.

Thought: Try un-following, then follow again. (Works for Windows settings sometimes, maybe here as well?) Or perhaps something might change since users have PM'd you?

(This whole PM-as-a-verb thing is vaguely disturbing. )

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