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I was wondering if you guys could list some good manufacturers of motherboards. I'm just researching for when I upgrade my current motherboard.

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OK for Air Cooling

by OH Smeg In reply to I'm mainly using fans

I stick with the Standard CPU Heat Sink/Fan unit as buying another one may not be necessary but if you buy CPU's on the Card then you can use a Bigger Heatsink one with at least 50% more surface area than the Standard one. The down side here is that being bigger they can tear off the M'Board and do damage if the case gets moved around. A Printed Circuit Board can only hold so much weight on it before it fails with a Heavy Heat Sink attempting to pull the M'Board apart. Even the newest Xeon Heat Sinks which are big do not mount on the M'Board they screw to the Case after the M'Board is mounted in the case to attempt to prevent this happening. Can be a trap if you have never assembled one of these M'Boards previously though.

For Case Fans I like the Antec Ones as I have only ever had one stop working with a dry Bearing which just required a bit of oil to get working properly again. They don't seem to fail like the cheap No Name ones that are available and now days with the Case Fans Drawing their power from the M'Board if they where to fail and seize they could damage the M'Board. While they may be OK I don't take the risk as a Fan costs so little and replacing the M'Board is a nuisance and downright expensive compared to the cost of a decent fan to begin with.

If you are worried about noise you need to remove the cut out from the case and fit a Fan Guard that has round wire this decreases the noise from air flowing over and through the metal slits to such an extent that the fans become unnoticeable. Though you need to be very careful removing bits of case as any metal filings that are created need to be removed before you fit as M'Board. You should also remove the Power Supply to prevent it getting metal inside it and creating a short circuit. The better PS's will not have a pressed out fan guard they will have a Wire Fan Guard bolted to the outside of the PS.

I also try to have air being sucked in at the front of the case and being blown out the back as it's easier to filter the incoming air behind the Front Bezel of the case without detracting from the looks. I also try to have more fans sucking in air than blowing out so there is Positive Pressure inside the case and any openings **** some air out rather than suck it in though this is not always possible.

Zalman make a brilliant Fanless Case and PS which I have used in some very extreme places as it relies on the Case to disperse the heat and there is nothing being sucked into the case. Great for very dusty places but expensive and the cases are not the easiest to find as they are not carried by many Retail Outlets.


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Gigabyte is a good motherboard and so is Asus.

This gigabyte motherboard has more than Asus for features:
When i buy a motherboard i look for connection ports the more the better and this motherboard is a killer. :)
Happy computing.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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