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Mothers Day, How will you spend it?

By jdclyde ·
Remember people, Mom is the reason you are here right now.

How will you say thanks to that special person?
A card from Hallmark?
A phone call from where ever you are?

I have a card and a 9 am Tee time. Will be taking Mom out for 18 to start the day off right. (with cart of course) Going to have pick up a single rose too (can't carry a dozen around on the golf course!).

My boys will be with their female perental unit, and I have already taken them out to get her a card that they will give her first thing in the morning.

What will you be doing?

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by e_huffman In reply to Mothers Day, How will you ...

World of Warcraft!
And, of course, I'll call my Mom...

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I'm spending

by maecuff In reply to Mothers Day, How will you ...

the day with my sons. My older boy, (who lives with my mother) is coming home for the weekend. I'm looking forward to hanging out with them. My little boy always makes me something that I can hang in my office at work. I sent my mom a card. Next time I'm back in Cincinnati, I'll take her to a spa, that's what we usually do.

My husband, even though he always reminds me that I'm not his mother, will buy me something. I want a manicure and pedicure, but will probably get flowers.

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by jdclyde In reply to I'm spending

Happy Mothers day AND Happy Moms day!

I think you have shown yourself to be both.

Have a great weekend.

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by maecuff In reply to Mae

You have a good weekend, too! Mine is going to start in approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes with a shot of Black Label Jim Beam. Okay, it's not the greatest, but you have to drive FAR to get good alcohol in my neck of the woods..

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That whiskey drinking woman

by jdclyde In reply to Thanks!!

is making a poor man out of me.

Great song! Gunna have to break that out when I get home. I am sure Oz would have all of the lyrics for us if he ever wakes up today.

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Sounds a little

by maecuff In reply to That whiskey drinking wom ...

too country for me..but after a shot or two, it may become my favorite song.

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Have NEVER heard

by jdclyde In reply to Sounds a little

Nazareth called country. Originators of classic love songs such as "hair of the dog" and "Mss Misery" would never stoop that low.

(Song off the "Hair of the Dog" LP as well, copyright 1975 Nazareth)
Too old for you?

Whiskey Drinkin' Woman

Close up the bar you know the gates of the brewery She's out there every night And she sure ain't drinkin' tea I love that woman, she's the best one that I had But she's got this habit now and it sure is gettin' bad
chorus: That whiskey drinkin' woman Is makin' a poor man out of me She's got bottles in the kitchen Even got them in my bed Most times I see her now She's three parts out of her head Don't know where I went wrong I sure try to treat her right But it sure upsets me Seein' her juiced up every night.
Got to solve this problem Won't you help me find the key The way that things are going I'll have to buy the distillery She just stands there smilin' With a whiskey in each hand Got to think of something Don't know how much I can stand chorus: Got to get myself together, start workin' something out Maybe if I tried some booze, I'd know what it's about I love that woman, she's the best one that I had But she's got this problem now And it sure is gettin' bad.

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you got me there

by maecuff In reply to Have NEVER heard

Nazareth isn't country. This is true. It's been years since I listened to Nazareth.

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When is Mothers Day?

by karansoin In reply to Mothers Day, How will you ...

Can anybody tell me when is Mothers Day?
Ingrate like me has never ever said I love you mom. I may do it this time if the day hasnt gone by.

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May 8

by j.lupo In reply to When is Mothers Day?

This sunday is Mother's day.

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