Moto Z extreme battery drain.

By jsturtsman ·
Although it's not known as globally right now as the Apple battery issue, there is another battery problem out there that may be of interest to Moto Z ( and perhaps other brands) owners.

The battery drain of the Moto phones after the 7.1.1 update is nothing short of astounding. The update has rendered a large number of phones almost useless. Phones that used to go days without charging are now down to less than a day if not several hrs. This update has also caused Bluetooth and other issues as well.
It seems at this point, only a replacement or repair ( battery and sometimes mainboard ) solves the problem.

Unfortunately, many people are out of warranty ( these phones are less than 2 yrs old) with no insurance and must absorb the cost. In some cases, the parts are on a significant back order and even some times not even available.

Lenovo ( formally Moto) has basically washed their hands of this major issue with their flagship models

I am currently involved in several discussions that are addressing this major issue. If you are having this problem or can help in any way, please feel free to comment here or in the following discussion...

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Has a solution been found to the Moto Z battery drain?

by holamarines In reply to Moto Z extreme battery dr ...

My Moto Z, which worked well for only 7 months, works only if it is plugged.
Has a solution been found to the battery drain?
If I change the battery, will the problem be solved or it will continue because the reasons of the battery drain are others but the battery?
Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Moto Z battery drainage

by Layla#1 In reply to Moto Z extreme battery dr ...

My Moto Z Force drains so quickly it is hardly usable. I have to charge it all day long. The phone will shut down randomly with as much as 71%. Sometimes just turning on the camera will cause it to shut down. My phone is about 21 months old. It is mostly junk now. Coincidentally my sister purchased the same model phone the same day and hers is doing the exact same thing. I will never buy another Motorola product again. They have lousy customer service and don't back their products. How could we all have the same problem without this being a real issue with the battery and or update. Thank you!

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