Mouse and Keyboard wont work unless in safe mode

By bugmenotxyz ·
I have this problem with my Acer laptop. couple of days ago i was installing several IM sniffing porgrams for the LAN network, and after I rebooted the machine, neither the mousepad nor the keyboard would work, when i reach the logon screen. However, if I plug an external USB mouse, it wokrs just fine. I would assume same will hapen if I use
USB keyboard, just dont have one handy. Anyways, in Safe mode both the Mousepad and the keyboard work perfectly. Now I know for sure that it was the IM sniffing thing that messed the whole thing up, i reinstalled it, cleaned the registry, run scandisk, run virus check, did every basic thing. I also checked the device manager, because I assume that there is a device conflict, but there are no yellow ? marks there. I disabled the network cards and rebooted, no luck. anybody knows how to help me pls, because I can only work in safe mode, like now, and this is really annoying and its been like this for a week already. i checked similar threads, but neither solved my problem...

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Well obviously the software that you installed caused

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Mouse and Keyboard wont w ...

A conflict to occur and that's where you are currently standing running in Safe Mode without any protection from infection and hardly any software running.

You need to remove the programs that you installed and then reinstall the drivers for the Keyboard and Touch Pad. If Acer has any new Drivers install them and that may be of some help.

Cleaning the Registry after removing the programs wouldn't hurt either. Once you get the system working again you can reinstall one program at a time till it stops working and then you know exactly which piece of Software is causing the conflict and you can then work without that piece of software on the Acer Unit. You may need to install it to a different unit to check the Network. As this is a software clash occurring you will not ever see any problems in Computer Management as the hardware is working perfectly till the Software Clash occurs so you are looking in the wrong place for a solution.


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by kgm210 In reply to Mouse and Keyboard wont w ...

I had the exact problem with the same machine. Perform the following:
Do a power reset procedure (power down, remove battery, disconnect power, hold power button for 30 seconds) then restart the machine without the batter installed - just the line cord connected.Mine started up like a charm. Subsequently confirmed that the battery was toast. I was able to verify this by using another Acer battery and everything still works fine.

I'm going to order another battery. Interestingly, the battery that came in the machine was only a 2000MaH battery and the replacements are either 4000MaH or 4400 MaH. The battery also has a notation on it that would imply it was a used or refurbished battery

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This Solution Works

by jsnyderj In reply to Fix

I have a Aser Aspire 3000 and had the same isue with keyboard and touchpad not working ( external usb worked fine ) i went as far as a full system restore on the unit thinking that it was something corrupt in the system reg. Turned out it was doing the same thing after the fact.

I pulled out the battery. Cycled the power for 30 seconds ( holding the power button ) plugged the system back in ( with out battery in sysetm ) . Rebooted and Voom ! ... I also did some other research that lead to the faulty battery also causing many sysetm slowdowns due to faulty charge cycles and extream power draw.

Needless to say Kgm210 your fix helped me out. !!! Thanks.

saved me from going out and buying a new keyboard for nothing ...


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Removing battery works

by alan In reply to This Solution Works

I too had this problem with an Acer Aspire 3003LMi. The mousepad and keyboard ceased to function upon loading Windows XP. Booting in safemode the keyboard and mousepad worked fine and booting Linux Live DVD the keyboard and mousepad worked fine. I initailly scanned for viruses and spyware thinking this was the problem to no avail and eventually wiped the machine with the restore DVD again to no avail.

Plugging in a USB mouse and keyboard worked fine although the machine would still freeze and the task manager seemed to indicate a heavy load on the CPU.

Removing the battery and running direct from AC power solved the problem - problem battery - now waiting on a new battery.

And to think I was about to package all up and send away for repair.

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Remove battery works Acer Aspire

by mlopezrossi In reply to Removing battery works

I got an Acer Aspire 3004LCi whit the same problem, keyboard and mouse not work in windows xp. But in safe mode with network support both works fine, also works OK in DOS and Linux (LiveCDs).

Remove the battery really works!

Now using the lpatop without batteries till I get new one.

Really Thanks you folks!

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by tocifan In reply to This Solution Works

Thanks guys! You have just saved my problem with my Acer. I was about to buy a new one or pay for repair.. Thanks a lot, removing the battery works(Thanks God!!).

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worked for me

by tvshub In reply to Fix

Thanks for that one, although my battery wasn't quite toast. Even when the keyboard or mouse would work in normal mode, the repeat rate was 1 char/3 seconds and about the same response for the mouse. I followed your instructions and vwalla. I been dikin' with this for two bloody days.

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Permanent Solution

by ahamadabdullah In reply to Mouse and Keyboard wont w ...

Update the BIOS Using SWINFLASHER. Download the bios update from the acer website and this should solve the problem permanently.
Although the battery solution works great, this is a permanent sticky if you dont want to end up buying another battery. Cheers!

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Couldn't find SWINFLASHER

by shailesh.kadamaje In reply to Permanent Solution

Hey aanic,
the acer site sucks too. its very slow and often does not load. I couldn't find swinflasher (or is it winflasher?) there- could you point it out to me please?

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Link to Acer drivers

by spike In reply to Couldn't find SWINFLASHER

Select your notebook from the list.
Click get list in pdf, each driver has a link. The BIOS driver
may say "for Vista", but it's actually the same for 2000, XP,
and Vista. Once you download it then you will see that it says
swinflash (secure windows flash).

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