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Mouse Jiggling

By ITgirli ·
I'm sure most of us have done it once or twice in our lives, or if you are like me, many times a day. We sit there staring at our screen, waiting for whatever it is to download, install, open, close, or just perform some sort of action. It's either taking too long or it looks like it hangs and we reach out and give the mouse a little jiggle.
I've always been an avid mouse jiggler and I know many other mouse jigglers in the IT world; however, when I went back to school for a more in depth look at IT, the instructors swore that mouse jiggling did nothing. It seems to do something for me, even if to just get a little frustration out in a jiggle.
What I want to know is where the TR members stand on the facts and myths of mouse jiggling. Do you jiggle, or do you not?

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you know, Mark,

by ITgirli In reply to I don't jiggle

I love the way you type.

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Thanks but....

by M_a_r_k In reply to you know, Mark,

I know what you're thinking. Nope, I do not jiggle when I type.

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Getting jiggly

by Montgomery Gator In reply to I don't jiggle

I would like to see Beyonce, or Catherine Zeta-Jones, or Gwen Stefani, or Halle Berry do some jiggling. :-)

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I do it too.

by TonytheTiger In reply to Mouse Jiggling

I think it distorts your sense of time, to where whatever is taking so long won't seem as long. Like the "watched pot never boils" theory.

I've also whacked the side of the computer case (It's called percussive maintenance).

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I do that!

by ITgirli In reply to I do it too.

I have been known to give the case a little kick. If it looks like it helped, I'm all for it.

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by Neil Higgins In reply to I do that!

Jiggle the mouse,kick the case.How about stroke the dongle? oops,my wife says this is a "nice" site,and has just put the boot-in on my hard drive. :)

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by ITgirli In reply to Excellent

How about the CD drive? Do you use the "open/close" button to close it, or do you slap it shut like I do?

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I use the open/close button

by M_a_r_k In reply to okay.

It's best not to force something to go into a hole where it does not want to go.

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if it fits

by ITgirli In reply to I use the open/close butt ...

if it fits right, I see no harm in slapping it in.

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No comment

by M_a_r_k In reply to if it fits

About a dozen witty and prose-filled comments just now flooded my brain but I invoke whichever amendment is used to keep from incriminating oneself.

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