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Mouse Jiggling

By ITgirli ·
I'm sure most of us have done it once or twice in our lives, or if you are like me, many times a day. We sit there staring at our screen, waiting for whatever it is to download, install, open, close, or just perform some sort of action. It's either taking too long or it looks like it hangs and we reach out and give the mouse a little jiggle.
I've always been an avid mouse jiggler and I know many other mouse jigglers in the IT world; however, when I went back to school for a more in depth look at IT, the instructors swore that mouse jiggling did nothing. It seems to do something for me, even if to just get a little frustration out in a jiggle.
What I want to know is where the TR members stand on the facts and myths of mouse jiggling. Do you jiggle, or do you not?

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by Jaqui In reply to if it fits

that's okay, I had the same type of thoughts.

and the only reson I didn't start making comments was her reply wasn't to me.

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yes, well....

by ITgirli In reply to if it fits

My post may hold true for other things as well.

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by Jaqui In reply to if it fits

naw.. better not, this is supposed to be a pg13 site.. and my wife would get upset if I did.

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I better not ask...

by M_a_r_k In reply to if it fits

But I will ask how in the world does one make a devil emoticon here? That little face seems quite appropriate in situations such as this.

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The devil in me

by jdclyde In reply to if it fits

use the ] then the : and ) all put together as ]:)

The thing I find disapointing is there doesn't seem to be one on TR for an angel! Being sweet and innocent as I am, it would come in rather handy!

There is a list on here somewhere.

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by M_a_r_k In reply to if it fits

Thanks jd. Who knows what other kinds of secret emoticons may be lurking around here. There might be an angel there too. Try every possible combination of keys. No telling what kind of monsters you'll create. If TR published a list, it would help.

Let's see if this works.... ]:)

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JD - No credibility...MARK - Emoticons

by DMambo In reply to if it fits

JD - Innocent and angelic??? You??? I'll never believe another thing you say. You are full of dukey. :)

Mark, here's the emoticons:

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Thanks Mambo

by M_a_r_k In reply to if it fits
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(sniff sniff)

by jdclyde In reply to if it fits

my sweet and innocent self has been crushed, mambo!

Haven't you seen the love and emotions streaming out of my every post?

Not to mention, I am ALWAYS respectful of women and would never treat them like the sex object they are! :^O

Just ask my boys. "Innocent of all wrong doing!" ;\ I taught them to say that early on.

The best was when I would have Thing Two on the Motorbike and we would pull up beside some hot babes. I would say "What do we say to the hot babes?", and his response would be "WOO WOO!".

Always got a laugh out of the babes before we rode off into the sunset.

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Slap that puppy down!

by jdclyde In reply to okay.

Who has time for reaching UNDER the cup holder just to push that button?

That would just be silly!

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