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Mouse stops working

By sbrager ·
I just installed a Logitech LX5cordless optical mouse for a client. I tested it before turning it over to the client who was quite pleased. 2 days later, she called to say that the mouse wasn't working. Sure enough, she was right. I rebooted her computer and the mouse started working. It wouldn't stop. I left and monitored the client for the rest of the day and the mouse worked.

4 days later, she called again - the mouse wasn't working.

I'm baffled at this point. A search of Logitech's forum proved to be no help although several users had complained about the same problem, there was no resolution except to reboot the computer. I don't accept this as the final answer - Logitech's mouse are quite good. So, I've come for your help.

My client is using WinXP Pro SP2 on a Dell Dimension 2400.

Any suggestions?


Stan Brager

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Try turning down the hardware acceleration

by oratowski In reply to This may be of no help bu ...

hardware acceleration

As you turn it down it indicates mouse pointer problems are a possibility.

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Some comments for you

by TechExec2 In reply to Mouse stops working

As a workaround, you might try these to return the mouse to life:
1. Unplug/replug the PS/2 and/or USB cable.
2. Disable/Enable the mouse driver.

I don't consider either of these workarounds "acceptable".


Sometimes you just have to move on. My old wireless mouse was an older Microsoft design. It worked pretty well, but would occasionally disconnect. A few months ago I tried the "Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000" (1) and really like it. It never loses connection, is very reliable, has much better battery life, and is much higher resolution (very precise). In fact, it sends so much data it performs better with the USB connection than with the PS/2 one. The scroll wheel has a very nice "feel" (vs. the old MS design) and you don't ever accidentially press it as a button.

So, I recommend you give on your mouse and try another. It's just a mouse. The most important thing is having a happy client.

Good luck.


(1) Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

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Do you know that this belongs in the "Questions" forum?

by deepsand In reply to Mouse stops working

The "Discussion" forum is for matters of general discussion, not specific problems in search of a solution.

Post problems such as this to the "Question" forum, rather than the "Discussion" forum. There are those who specifically seek out problems in need of a solution, and that's where they go to look for such.

Additionally, the "Question" forum provides for your rating the helpfulness of responses, so that others with the same or similar problem might be able to more easily find a solution.

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Just started yesterday.

by mmdlove In reply to Do you know that this bel ...

Think we may have tornado watch, must go and am sorry I did this on the wrong area of the website.

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Same problem here; solved with PS2 trackball

by mackinmustang In reply to Mouse stops working

I had a working PS/2 trackball running through a KVM switch, and all was fine. I tried switching to the Logitech trackball with extra buttons for window scrolling. It was a USB device, but had a USB-to-PS2 adapter. Using that, my mouse would work for 5-30 seconds after boot-up, but was jumpy, and eventually locked up every time. Switching back to a PS/2 device (no adapter) solved the problem.

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Same problem, reproducible

by temp1122 In reply to Mouse stops working

I am having the same problem. In my case, I know how to reproduce it and it's driving me NUTS. I have a USB hub attached to one of my MacBookPro's USB connectors. The receiver part of the mouse is plugged into one of the slots on the hub.

Every time I want to move my laptop, I have to unplug the hub.

When I get to my location and plug it in, the LMB (only) does not function.

I've tried a number of combinations:
1. I've removed the USB connector from the Mac before powering it down
2. I've done a power-up reset of the mouse (power off, hold LMB while powering on, press RMB five times)
3. Unplugging the hub from the power outlet WITHOUT first removing the USB connector from the laptop

Nothing works. Most frustrating of all is that, without a LMB, it's nearly impossible to do anything on a Mac (that is, unlike Windows, you can't tab around to choose different buttons, etc.)

I'm very sick and tired of this, but I hope my description helps you out. Perhaps your user is doing the same thing. In her case, you may be able to tell her, "don't do that." It's not that simple in my case.

Also, before anyone suggests, I CANNOT give up a whole USB slot for a mouse, so plugging the receiver in directly is out of the question.

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by mmdlove In reply to Same problem, reproducibl ...

I can tell you know lots more about to do when something on the computer tears up. I hope your problem gets better. I am starting to think I just need a new battery and am quitting obsessing the mouse issue I have. If I could just get the browser fixed! Its on another question. Good Luck and I hope your problem is better. I don't like the mouse with usb and use the small black thing thats no bigger than a quarter when I plug mine in, it comes with the logitech I have. I know absolutely nothing about a Mac and am glad I don't I think.

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by mmdlove In reply to Mouse stops working

My Logitech mouse that I have had for exactly a year seems to be working more efficiently since I tok the battery out and put it back in. I will be back to let you know if it starts that not connecting when I click thing again that it had been doing for a few days. I would change battery in it every month if we had that many around the house. I just had the problem with right click and it was worrying me that it had a bug. Someone told me a few years ago that a mouse can become infected by a virus, I find no place to work on that on the internet thru far. Anyway it is working ok now, thanks to this website which I plan to visit frequently. Thanks

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New subject

by mmdlove In reply to Mouse stops working

Do any of you guys know why my camera sd canon disc won't read the pictures?, yet I can take pictures and view them all on my sd 750??? I have been looking for an answer all over the internet for about 5 weeks now. It is sporing and I must find the solution. I can't even format it. If you know I am checking my email frequently for an answer. It has really stressed me out. I am a writer and photographer so you can see I need this camera disc to work on this HP. I tried the factory none of them understand what I am trying to relate. Is that thing a card slot? I get all other answers when I search. You guys are great to have this place to find answers when other sites don't have them yet back to the coffee cup and Thank you to anyone I will try and help you if I have had a problem I can try and help but am no computer expert, just used 3 in 10 years and stay on mine for 10 hours a day...I am trying....

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