Move from NT4 PDC to Active Directory

By kjrees ·
We are looking to move from an NT4 controlled domain to active directory and are looking at the best method to do it. I've been told that it would be best to upgrade to windows 2000 AD server than to windows 2003 at a later date because of the upgrade paths. What are the pros and cons of doing this as opposed to upgrading direct to 2003 AD server? I'm also looking at whether to upgrade the existing domain or create a new one (in which case a straight 2003 install seems best).

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Domain migration

by brian.kronberg In reply to Move from NT4 PDC to Acti ...

Your question resolves around the real question, "do I want to upgrade to Active Directory or migrate my domain to Active Directory?"

This question is answered after a detailed design session, not a quick question in an online forum.

Microsoft has many online resources and I suggest highly that you look hard at them. If you feel a little overwhelmed, then bring in a certified Microsoft partner to help with your design.

During this process you will make many decisions that you cannot easily change later. Such as NETBIOS name, DNS type (private TLD or split DNS), etc.

My guess is that you have small network and are looking for answers. Read this to get more information.

Microsoft also offers online labs for a similar migration. But be warned, there are many items not covered in their steril environment, for instance printers.

Good luck!

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by kjrees In reply to Domain migration

Hi, thanks for replying, i know there's a lot of research to be done and i'm just using this forum as an extra opinion. I'm interested in the pros/cons of upgrading to 2000 or 2003 really.

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Go straight to 2003...

by brian.kronberg In reply to Forum

Since you are buying the license, go straight to 2003 R2. The only reason to go to Windows 2000 AD is if you have an application that is not supported on 2003 or with a 2003 domain. Again, this will come out in your design session. Look hard at your software and hardware requirements. If they all support a 2003 domain, go straight there.

Upgrades are usually the easiest. Bring up a PC with NT Server, make it a BDC, take it offline in case you need to roll back. Then upgrade your PDC to 2003. Build a new server as your final DC, add it to the domain, and move all of AD/DNS/DHCP to it. Anything else goes to another server. Keep your DCs as clean as possible.

There are much better domain upgrade guides on the net, just look around. The documentation for ADMT (domain migation tool) is a good resource.

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by matt In reply to Go straight to 2003...

Are you running Exchange 5.5 as well? If you are you will need to factor that into your considerations.



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