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Moving toward table-free forms

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Design and Usability Tactics e-newsletter discusses making the switch to moving toward table-free forms. What do you think about using table-free forms? Do you agree with Michael Meadhra that using tables to align form elements is a hard habit to break? Are the examples in the e-newsletter useful to you? Please share your thoughts with us.

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by kgroves In reply to Moving toward table-free ...

I'm happy to see more and more articles discussing the proper use of HTML and CSS to present web pages, rather than the clueless hacks that seem to litter the 'net and further prevent the education of new web authors. As browsers themselves continue to more closely follow web standards, it will be to the benefit of all designers to learn to stop abusing HTML and learn to do things the right way with CSS. This article does a good job of showing a way that light markup and CSS can be used to create what would normally be achieved using bloated abuse of HTML.
Incidentally, there is another good article on practical CSS located at:

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Love it!

by spearlman In reply to

Thank you, Michael, for another well-written, solid tip. I plunked all three of your examples in HomeSite and measured the file sizes -- quite a savings in addition to the reduced complexity.

And the CSS clear:left and float:left are great cures for the alignment aggravation with forms. I look forward to putting this to use on the current site I'm building.

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It will help further if we can see it working

by sashraf In reply to Moving toward table-free ...

I have a suggestion. These articles are great but they would have been even better if you add a preview of the actual running page as an example at the end of each article that is related to programming.

Thanks, Kamal

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