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Moving XP client to different office

By LabRaT ·
I have a system running Windows XP Pro. It was configured at the main office but has been sent to a branch office.

Main office info:
IP Addy was
Sub-net was
Gateway was

Branch office info:
IP Addy is
Sub-net is
Gateway is

I have always configured the workstations at the main office, changed the IP parameters, and shipped it to the branch office. But these new XP Pro systems got to the branch and will not connect. Actually, the network connection status is "Connected" but it shows zero packets received (many packets sent) and it cannot PING the Gateway or any other valid address on that network.

I brought the systems back to the main office, changed the IP parameters back to those correct for this office, and the system logs into the network fine.

Sent them back to the branch office but still no go. I removed NIC from Hardware Mgr, deleted the user accts, and tried to rebuild the network protocols and user accts--No Go! It looks like it is sending packets but not receiving any. Sounds like there is some security parameters screwing things up. (?)

Previous workstations ran Windows 2000 Pro and just changing the IP parameters worked fine for them. Why am I having problems with XP Pro?

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by tio80 In reply to Moving XP client to diffe ...

Do you use a wins server and is it listed?

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by LabRaT In reply to

The main office has a WINS server but the branch offices do not have one inhouse. I tried to reinstall the OS so it rebuilds the SID/SAM entries but the system says a "newer" OS exists and blocks the reinstall. I have 3 workers who have been waiting on PCs for 3 weeks now. This is turning into a bad situation for me. Arrrgh!

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by LabRaT In reply to Moving XP client to diffe ...

I rebuilt the systems at the branch offices. I did not find an answer as to why an XP system could not be moved to a new office and just change the IP settings for network connection. No more answers coming here so I will close the question. Thank you very much to all of you who offered suggestions (or just thought about the problem). This is a great community!

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by LabRaT In reply to Moving XP client to diffe ...

This question was closed by the author

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Same problem

by ysomkid In reply to Moving XP client to diffe ...

I have the same situation on this problem. anybody know how to fix?

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