MS Config issue Help!

By mcpeters2 ·
When I try to run MSCONFIG I get a message that I need to log on as the administrator. This is my home computer and there are two active log on profiles (owner/administrator). They both have administrator privilages. My computer is running very slow. I called HP and they say that it is a new virus and they will get back to me. Help!

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MS Config / administrator issue

by bshaw400 In reply to MS Config issue Help!

Are you logged on with both profiles? That would really slow your box down for sure. Log off your user session and then go back and log on using the admin logon. If you didn't logon with both profiles (accidentally, I hope), turn off the machine, physically disconnect your machine from your network, and try to log on as administrator.
I hope you DO have an admin account setup on that machine. If not, maybe you've been hacked.

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Safe mode

by minhajlk In reply to MS Config issue Help!

Try booting the system to safe mode and run the msconfig, do the necessary changes and re-start as a user/admin.

good luck.

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safe mode

by mcpeters2 In reply to Safe mode

I tried to boot up in safe mode and was denied. Same error message. This is my home computer and it doesn't even ask me for a password for owner or administrator. Looking at the profiles on safe mode, they both have administrator privilages.

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Administrator issues

by highreachst In reply to safe mode

My pc suddenly developed the same issue and I am not able to resolve the problem. I came to this website after a google search, and seeing that your query is so recent, I had a hope you had a reply that was timely. If you figure out how to deal with this issue, would you be so kind as to send me an e-mail telling me what to do? I would appreciate it. I have done thorough scans (virus,registry etc),and nothing raises any flags to point to this issue. I wonder what changed?

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anybody find an answer?

by rbrshaw In reply to MS Config issue Help!

i am having the same problem. any solutions???

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Just a silly little Question here...

by dawgit In reply to MS Config issue Help!

What is the OS that you're useing?
MS-What? -d

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What exactly do you want to do in MSconfig?

by MidnightStorm In reply to Just a silly little Quest ...

Hi there

What exactly would you like to change in the registry?
I found a program a little while ago called "AutoRuns" on a obscure little website. I downloaded it and it lets you tweak the registry a little.

If you would like to try it find it on google or I can email it to you.


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Check this

by vsharma In reply to MS Config issue Help!

first of all do 1thing make a new user and give it privilages of admin then check it wheather u r enable to run msconfig or not
if not then it means us computer is infected with virus

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I found an interesting possible solution

by trevor In reply to Check this

Having experienced this problem after cleaning a *seriously* infected computer, I thought I was doomed to a total reformat and re-install.
Stubborn as I am (the issue became very personal) I did lots of googling.
Having a HP printer in my network, and noticing a significant number of support programs installed in my system for this device (just for one printer Mr HP????), I found the following post very interesting:
When I modified the registry and services as suggested - regarding the Pml Driver HPZ12 **ALL MY PROBLEMS WENT AWAY**
Note: The only program I uninstalled was the HP AutoUpdater!!
I am now very wary of ANY HP software or traces of same in any of my systems.
All the time tearing my hair out thinking that I had the mother-of-all virus/trojan/rootkit infections, it was only a rather *STUPID* HP driver/service issue.

Thankyou to the author of that post I found, and I hope you guys'n'gals out there with this problem can find some solutions in this one.

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by Xavier.Hexon In reply to I found an interesting po ...

Yes! Its been happening to me since March, 2007, immediately after an HP Update (my HP support expired Jan. 2007, of course). The error also occurrs when logged in under "Administrator" in "Safe Mode". It still accepts any re-configuration once you've clicked apply & restart, But the "MSConfig-Administration-Popup-Error" has worked my last nerve. Any solution? I am determined to find out before this day is over!


Ps: I use to build my own PC's when Builing your own PC was cheaper than buying a new PC at Costco/Sams, remember? Well, Not Anymore. HP is easily & cheaply upgradeable, hp-printer cartridges are cheap, and the System Software is "Idiot-Proof", so HP is my first Brand-Name-PC. Now I'm beginning to wonder if its also easily ...disposable.

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