MS Outlook BackUp

By prouddad97 ·
I've noticed several programs are advertised for backing up MS Outlook. Is there any reason why using MS SyncToy offline and Carbonite or Mozy online to back up Outlook (contacts, emails, settings, dates, tasks, etc) isn't just as effective?

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Why not just archive?

by Nimmo In reply to MS Outlook BackUp

Is there any reason why you don't just want to use the archive feature in Outlook.

If you talking about a single PC using the archive feature is a quick easy way to backup.

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by prouddad97 In reply to Why not just archive?

Archiving is a useful tool, but that's slightly different than backing up. Outlook archiving sets aside older emails into a separate file so that the program doesn't become bloated and move slowly. I'm referring to not only emails, but all other data and settings in Outlook.
Thanks anyway.

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But still

by Nimmo In reply to Archiving

Thanks for the infomaion regarding how archiving works in outlook (sorry for the sarcasm), but I still do see the point of going to the trouble of buying third party software just to backup the .pst file on a single PC.

If it was an entire Exchange mailstore than thats a different story and I would recommend a third party app over ntbackup or simply doing an archive.

Even using robocopy would do the trick and that's free.

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There's another option....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to MS Outlook BackUp

MS has a PST Backup Utility free for download in the Office Updates.

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MS Backup Utility

by prouddad97 In reply to There's another option... ...

Thanks. I should've mentioned in my original thread that I'm aware of and use the free utility that Microsoft offers.

It's a pain in the butt though, because you have to manually click "Backup." Then, the utility backs up only after you shut down Outlook. And since Outlook doesn't always shut completely down even after clicking close, the utility doesn't always backup your data.

This is one of the reasons I'm looking into Outlook backup software programs. I already know that they're more convenient because they offer automated backup.

What I don't know is, do they do anything that simply copying Outlook folders and files won't do for me?

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by peter In reply to MS Backup Utility

Just wondering, you sound pretty computer savvy so i am guessing you have some kind of regular backup for the rest of your files, why not just add the .pst file to this backup? Also, I don't know if you know it but in Outlook 2k7 the backup runs every time I close Outlook.

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Exactly.... and it runs on 2k3 too....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to question

If the OP has a problem with Outlook not shutting down properly and the PST backup running, even though he/she has to actually click 'Backup', that's an entirely different problem.

Besides that, 3rd party backup software won't be able to back up a file that's currently open (an open PST). Using the PST Backup utility, at least there's a copy from the last time Outlook was shut down that CAN be backed up with a normal backup routine and THAT file won't be 'in use'.

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Microsoft's Backup Utility & Others

by prouddad97 In reply to question

Oh yeah, I downloaded from Microsoft, its free utility for Outlook 2003 that backs up Outlook's PST files when I close the program.

In addition to that, my routine data backups always include ALL of my Outlook data folders.
I don't think though, that this includes nk2 files (autocomplete for email).

I'm wondering if there are any advantages to owning Outlook-specific backup programs in addition to the ease of restoring data, scheduled backups and encryption. Nobody--even the Outlook-specific backup program manufacturers have given me a straight answer to this question yet.

Also--do you know if any of these Outlook-specific backup programs include the backup of email name & email address autocomplete data?

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