MS SQL for a internet store.

By Larson ·
I work for a company that wants to integrate a website with their Microsoft Workgroup SQL server 2005. The use Small Business Financials to modify the content within the database. What I'm working on is creating the website that interacts with the database. I'm trying to find the best possible solution for the site. We have a T1 line and I'm wondering which of the following I should do.

1. Host the website from the SQL server itself.
2. Use our external web host with php to connect and query from the server.
3. Use Web Synchronization to create a database on the web host and read from that.

I have it currently connecting to the server from our web host and it seems to be running slow. Any ideas?

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running slow? naturally

by Jaqui In reply to MS SQL for a internet sto ...

the demands of an ecommerce database are drastically different than an in house system.
the entire db structure would have to be tweaked to fit the needs of a web store.

you would be better off to use a php mysql solution online and have the two dbs synchronize every few minutes if they want it that current.

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This a smallish web site ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to MS SQL for a internet sto ...

Workgroup edition is limited on the scalability front.

Loads, some of them might even be correct.

What's slow?
The network ?

What security model ?

What sort of traffic is the DB getting locally. I've seen more than few DB programs for SBS that looked they were written for desktops, (suck all data onto the client...)
Other things like data bound controls are notoriously chatty.

Who knows a bit of twiddling and you might get it to work from where it is, it will be about as future proof as an infalatable dartboard though.

I'd be looking at some thing to export and and probably reorganise the data to the web server. Data volatility vs latency is the thing that will choose how you do that. Oh and whether you need to write back to the source database from the web site.

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my thoughts

by Larson In reply to This a smallish web site ...

Well this is the tactic I have been thinking. The webserver will have its own database that is replicated every 5 minutes from our database to maintain items for the site. On check out it will see if the quantity is enough from our main server. Also our orders will be going into our main server but main browsing I would want optimal speed.

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